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Booking cabins online | Booking cabins online

Individuals from different towns are visiting Bangalore or Chennai for different reasons, be it a work, study, holiday, travelling, etc.. Here you can reserve a taxi with just one keystroke and also select the cabin model according to your requirements and budgetary limits. Our cars are well serviced and guarantee all our clients every convenience.

Whether small business or luxury car, the whole car hire pool is at your disposal so you can select the type of car you want to use. We guarantee absolute security when you reserve a taxi on-line. Our trucks are equipped with activated positioning system so that your position can be traced at any time.

Collection and delivery at the precise location: Thanks to the built-in built-in satellite navigation system in our cars, our cabin can collect and set you down at precise places without causing any mix-up. With our cabin reservation service, you'll get great value for money that allows you to make the most of Bangalore and Chennai without drilling a well.

If you have any questions about cabin bookings, do not hesistate to contact us at (080) 424 00 000 / 67 000 000 (Bangalore) & 08042400010 / 0806700000010 (Chennai).

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