Aplicacion para Uber Taxi

Replica for Uber Taxi

About drivers About Driver App - the Driver Application. Transform your free moments into revenue with the new Driver application - designed in collaboration with riders to give you the tool you need to be successful. Go whenever you want - no bureaus, no chefs. Register to ride the Uber Driver application.

We' ll walk you through the process and let you know when you're ready to go. Stay tuned for how much you earn after each journey, right on the card. The use of navigational mode can shorten the run time of your telephone batteries.

We introduce the new Driver Apple, your mobile driver to you.

We' ve worked with riders and suppliers around the globe to develop a new application that will help you move forward. Keep up with your advances towards your day-to-day and week-to-week yield targets. To see how you are tracking your revenue, touch the Tariff symbol on your card display, then move right and cross to see your revenue.

To find the travel planner: Touch the arrows in the lower right hand corner of your mapscreen. This function will soon be included in your application for supply partner. To find notifications: Each time you have new notifications, a tag appears in your picture at the top right of your card dash.

To find the basics of the Driver App: Touch your picture at the top right of the card display. Our group has been working with riders and suppliers around the globe for a year to develop a better application. About is always available. Once you have received directions by text message from your place of residence, open the application and cross the display to acknowledge that you are travelling.

You can see how much you have earned after each journey and see your improvement in achieving your day-to-day and weekend yield targets. Your income is transferred to your giro card every Wednesday. Driver, driver and other clients are asked to give us personal information on each ride.

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