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The top 50 of the best high-end private jet charter companies is a jet airplane developed for the transport of small groups of people." Corporate jet aircrafts can be customized for other tasks, such as evacuating injured persons or delivering packages, and some are used by governments, civil servants or the army. THE EUROPE OF THE the europe of the world. THE EUROPEAN AIR CHARTER is the shop of hiring (i.e.

chartering) an airplane as a whole and not of buying single airplane seat (i.e. buying a single seat on a conventional airline).

Whereas airline companies specialise in the sale of seated transport, charter companies concentrate on single private planes and routes, express or time-sensitive freight, ambulances and any other type of ad hoc transport. Charter companies provide a wide range of aircrafts such as choppers and commercial jetliners.

Classified charter jet types comprise Turbo Prop, lightweight jet, mid-size jet, ultra-medium sized jet, large jet and airplane. FACTIONAL JETS is a commonly used word for the fraction of the property of an airplane. Further suppliers are the Flexjet operator (Flexjet is run by Jet Solutions LLC) and Flight Options. Flight is also available in non-jet planes, PlaneSense's Pilatus PC-12 pilot family, or a combination flight of planes and turbo-props such as Executive AirShare's Embraer Phenom 100/300s and King Air 90/350s or AirSprint's Cessna Citation Excels and Pilatus PC-12s or Autumn Air's use of Cessna Citation Is, lls & vs and Beechcraft King Air ids & 200s.

In the case of fractionated tankers, clients (so-called "owners") buy a â shareâ in an airplane and not in an airplane as a whole. Pricing is based on the full aeroplane going forward. Proprietors have full use of the whole air transport network and can get on or off certain routes. By the end of the agreement, the landlord can either resell his stake to the business or to another landlord awaiting a job, most companies charging a remarketing commission.

The JETPOOLING (also known as Jet-Sharing) agreement is an agreement between a group of jet travellers in which each person divides the costs of private jet passenger transport by making a pro-rata payment per passenger per flight per year. The Jetpooling is a fairly new approach (12/2008) that was developed as an airline passenger option to take advantage of the advantages of traveling with a private jet without incurring all the associated costs.

Also designed to help compensate for CO2 emission, it allows passengers who would otherwise travel in their own jet to do so. TAXI is an airline charter commercial or freighter plane that acts on call. Wikipedia - Military Charter. The Danish airport is the best for companies - European Business Airport News.

The Four Seasons Private Jet Experi-ce - "Four Seasons is your gateway to the most intriguing locations in the world. Take the tailor-made Four Seasons Jet around the world and enjoy individual routes and outstanding services at any time of the year. "On board a luxury private jet, you soar from one outstanding location to the next and enjoy the unmistakable Four Seasons services and conveniences as well as individual activity that enable you to pursue your passion.

Partial property of aeroplanes - several proprietors split the cost of buying, letting and running the aeroplane. Large jumbo jet programmes commercially available are NetJets, Flexjet, Flight Options, PlaneSense, Executive AirShare, AirSprint and Autumn Air. Chartering a private jet (without breaching the bank) - Men's Journal. The New York Times - How to verify the safety of a charter airline.

The Telegraph. inside NetJets, the private aircraft supergiant that hovers above the rivalry - The Telegraph. Jet Pooling - (also known as Jet Sharing) is an agreement among a group of jet travellers in which each person divides the costs of private jet trips by making a pro-rata payment per seated passenger.

Gentleman's Gazette - Private Jet Charter Brooch. Some of the most outrageous requests a celebrity has made on a private jet - travel + free time. 30 astonishing facts about private jet Forbes. Over for private jets' starts an on-demand London-Europe partnership - The Telegraph. Established in London in 1990, ACS today brokers approximately 6500 charter agreements per year with customers from private persons to some of the world's biggest companies, government agencies, royalties and some of the world's best-known personalities.

" AeroCap - worldwide leading in the fields of airplane lease and financing. One of the biggest in the globe, the AirCap family of advanced, fuel-efficient aeroplanes offers our clients space for enhanced operating efficiencies and profits. We are a key driver in the sector with the growing need for worldwide transport by road, our advanced transport capabilities and our broad range of esteemed clients.

Since 1985, we have been working for the AIR CHARTER. "Perfectly perfected airline charter. " has been a leading private jet charter company since 1996, offering advanced charter services to a global public of charter airlines for demanding travellers. With our state-of-the-art on-line booking system, you have simple and convenient aircraft entry to more than 9,000 aircraft in the best-placed areas for your trip, over 18,000 international destinations, and a Wyvern and ARG/US security-certified operator base.

The trustworthy information resource for the airline charter industry since 1986. "List charter companies and charter brokerages that can help you organize charter travel to important locations around the globe, from New York to London to Tokyo and all the points in between. INTERNATIONAL since 1994.

Offers effective charter and wet leasing services to a diverse customer community, which includes airline companies, government, NGO's, corporate clients, financial and banking institutions, shipping agencies, couriers, health care and relief organisations, utilities, media and carriers. Private Jet Rental & Charter Company - Airwolf Jet Services - "Private Jet Rental & Charter Services. "The leading deluxe jet charter and air travel distributor.

Our range includes private luxurious aircraft, automobiles, yachts, mansions and other accommodation. Availability for charter. Organisation of next-generation aerial taxis offering one-stop, on-demand flights at corporate carrier rates. Headquartered in Lyon, Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez, Courchevel and Val Thorens, our teams ensure top performance and tailor-made services in every season.

" The BLUESTAR SETS - since 2001. "We provide flexibility in accessing over 4,000 planes - from a helicopter to a jet plane - in just four working days. The Central Jet Charter is all about customer service and customer loyalty. Whatever the customer wants, we will do to make sure it is the best journey with the best private jet.

MAGICIAN - NARRATOR magician - narrator - "The Globally Replacing Charter Specialists" (Les spécialistes de l'affrètement d'avions). "Founded in 1973, Mr. Greeborn has four years experience in the provision of specialized charter airline equipment for passengers and freight. Our presence is unprecedented, with more than 30 strategic locations on 6 different geographical areas. Fleet International Charter - since 2010, private aviation, charter, aircraft charter, operations and servicing service provision for individual, corporate and group customers who need the flexible private charter service.

The Desert Jet - "Private Jet Travel - Your Way. "Provides private jet charter flight and airplane operations in Orange County, San Diego and Palm Springs. One of the world's leading full-service airlines, offering its customers private jet acquisition, operation and income generation capabilities and on-demand charter in its jet family.

With our solutions, operators can compensate for their operating expenses and passengers can take private jets without owning an airplane. The Diamond Jets - since 2003. "Privately chartered jets and luxury jet rentals. "Executive Air Charter. It offers a high-efficiency package to those who want to prevent the boredom of traveling on Britain's crowded streets and poorly run highways.

The ELITE JET - offers V.I.P. charter service in 2005. Our service is designed for leaders, governments, celebrities, sport clubs, companies and private persons who want a tailor-made and luxury journey. "Private jet charter, best private jet hire. The EXECUJET AVIATION GROUP - since 1991. Our worldwide aerospace organization offers a wide variety of tailor-made aerospace solutions, which include used and new jet sale, airplane logistics, airplane charter, airplane servicing, airplane completion consultancy and dedicated air traffic control.

Execution Charter Service - "Execution Charter Service (ECS) is an executive private jet charter firm offering global clients the flexibility of alternative destinations. This is the definitive holiday destination for those who value security, confidentiality and timeliness. "FLEXJET BY BOMBARDIER - fraction of airplane possession, jet maps, whole airplane asset and property managment, on-demand charter broking service.

Charter private jet. The GSTAAD-AIR - offers its customers the latest luxury private aircraft and helicopters with a high standard of Swiss flight quality and a first flight adventure charter airline Switzerland. on the French Riviera: Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, Trips & Charter. The JetBird offers a point-to-point and on-demand private jet services in Europe.

COM-Germany - "Worldwide Marketplace for Charter-Airs. Jet. com - "At Jet. com'The heavens are yours.

Welcome to your next journey to have the chance to travel with the carriers works with, so you can truly get a smooth, immaculate and luxury private jet adventure of a lifetime. "JetSmarter - "The fastest expanding private jet company in the world. "Look for private air travel, hire a jet and make on-the-fly payments directly from your cell inbox.

The JumpJet - "Fly in a private jet at the price of your favourite airline. The Jumpjet is the first and only private jet member association to offer recreational and corporate travellers a new way to travel for the estimated costs of a premium flight. Vegas Jet Charter - "Offers Prestige Worldwide Charter Airline Services.

" The Liberty Jet - "Service beyond expectations. "FAA -approved airline, has become a leading company in the private jet airline business. Our company is able to provide outstanding jet charter services throughout America and the entire hemisphere. Luxuryair - "Exceptional services for the satisfaction of all demanding needs. "With Luxury Mystery, your flights can take off almost anywhere in the United States.

From most small aerodromes we can take off and landing and have the possibility to take off from all large aerodromes in the USA, Canada, Central and South America. A speciality of ours is the processing of your entire journeys with your pets. Luxurious airplane solutions - "We are there for all your private jet and airplane charter needs.

Our company specialises in jet chartering, airplane selling, airplane chartering, airplane administration, airplane maintenance, airplane catering and airplane deliveries. One of the world' s premier airlines, we deliver airplanes to all kinds of customers, from private to Fortune 500 companies. Marquis Jet Card gives you simple on-demand jet entry with 3,000 destinations throughout the country.

" MOONACAIR - "Since its foundation in 1988 by Stefano CASIRAGHI, MOONACAIR has gained a great deal of unparalleled expertise in the field of V.I.P. transport, servicing clients in need of personalized and high value added service. "The NetJets Group is the global private jet operator with a global service offering that encompasses fractional ownership, jet ticketing, airplane operations and charter.

" NETJET administers more aircrafts than all other fractionated airframe manufacturers put together. We' ve made something special: a private jet option that provides the security and dependability of fractions of property with the versatility, ease and selection of private jet charter. One of a kind airlines offering Business Class air travel between Paris (Orly Sud), New York (Kennedy and Newark) and Amsterdam (Schipol) at very reasonable prices.

One of the world's leading providers of private jetting. "Since 2005, Oxygen Aviation has been synonymous with the best in private jet aviation. Oxygen Aviation has developed into a dominating private jet operator by delivering a first rate client service to its customers. It is a private jet charter service based on trust and transparency.

Since 1964. "If you choose Pentastar Aviation for your private jet charter, you get invaluable commercial resources. Pentastar Aviation has been providing the private jet charter market with unmatched levels of service and assistance for nearly 50 years to get the most out of your company jet or your charters.

" PRESIDENTAL Aviation - "Presidential Aviation is an industry-leading aircraft management, maintenance and chartering boutique committed to the highest level of personal ized services for our demanding private jet owner and charter customers. Deluxe private jet travel to global destination is also available.

" Prestige Jet - "Private Jet Rental for Business & Leisure. "Our charter fleet has full coverage of the entire charter aviation industry with over 5,000 private jetliners. Our services are totally deluxe, professionally and confidentially. Our fleet only includes those airlines that have a current CAA and are subject to the British CAA.

When it comes to luxurious private jetting, our luxurious cabins are unsurpassed in convenience and sophistication. Journey in class. Round-the-clock, 365-day a year, our charter specialists are there for you. Homestay - "We provide the cheapest rates for the most secure homestay jet. "Worldwide reservation services for private jet charter and private plane rental.

Founded in 2007, is the fasted expanding private airline in Europe, which combines award-winning reservation technologies with a committed 24/7 staff of private airline professionals. The Jetpooling Community. "Website where private jet travellers can find a list of the most beloved private jet itineraries from a number of charter companies.

Web site users also have the option of connecting with other private jet travellers who want similar services, want a "jet pool" and are sharing the cost of a particular private jet outing. PRIVATEETS. Sentient Jet, the biggest private charter operator in the USA, established in 1999, has more than ten years of private airline expertise and is your partner for COM - on-line charter market place. was established to create a complete on-line resources pool for all kinds of private jet travellers. PRIVÃ JETS - established in 2007. Leaders in private aircraft and aircraft chartering. Specialising in both recreational and business jets, we have a committed network of senior tour operators and subsidiaries around the globe who are available around the clock to offer every customer we service a personalised, improved adventure.

Privé Jet offers you more than 6,000 planes and 50,000 airfields around the world, giving you the choices and comfort you expect from a private airline. AJETS - autonomous private and commercial jet charter airline located in London. Internationally award-winning airline service and airline operator located in Abu Dhabi, the UAE city.

SKYNET AVIATION GROUP - Global private aviation company with a global fleet of nearly 400 different airplane models, of which 1000 s are deployed around the globe, among them choppers and turboprops, small, mid-size, large and large jet aircrafts, as well as freight and transport aircrafts. Our mission is to create a truly global airline ecosystem that brings together the best, most private corporate jet liners and private jet carriers in the industry. We have established a singular airline ecosystem that brings together the best, most secure, and most luxury private corporate jet liners and private jet cargo/medical airliners from around the globe.

The Sentient Jet - "The ultimate in jet travel. "Sentient Jet has been offering the highest level of private air transport services, as well as the highest levels of security and reliability since 1999. Sentient, as the creator of the Jet Cards, is the most sensible and smart private airline option with 10â " per hour rate 30% lower than other domestic programmes.

Round-the-clock, our customer relationship team is at your service to help you meet your travelling needs and ensure that you have the best possible experiences and get the most value out of your jetticket. The STA JETS company, based at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana, California, is specialized in the chartering of executives, managing aircrafts, and selling and acquiring them.

Featuring a diversified airline and first class crew, we provide an unparalleled travelling environment and first class customer service. The Stratos Jet Charter Service - "Luxurious private jet charter trips put together according to your timetable requirements. "Stratos Jet Charters customers have the freedom to choose between many different planes for their personalised chartering.

Stratos Jet Charters offers maximum versatility with over 5,000 planes available that comply with the strictest charter security requirements, guaranteeing a private charter plane with only twelve hour time. The UNIVERSAL JET - "World leader in the private aerospace sector since 1995.

Captains and industry and Hollywood's most discerning celebrities charter us. Take advantage of the seamless, turnkey on-demand charter services Universal Jet provides from anywhere, anytime. "US JETWAYS - provides on-demand jet charter flights world-wide, any airplane type, no obligation prepaid trip-by-drive, no servicing, no conditions, no tax inclusive.

"Privately chartered jet, privately rented jet. "VistaJet offers over 70 private jet aircraft from Bombardier's own fleets, an unrivalled onboard adventure and an avarage less than two years old live. At VistaJet, we' ve flown governments, business executives, business owners and private citizens to over 187 nations around the world.

Every detail is taken care of from planning the flights, from a particular bottled of local wines or food from a favourite local restaurants to a particular periodical and a driver's note delivery to the airports. Roll Up - "Wheels Up has created its own innovative application that simplifies your travelling, gives you complete controls and at the same time gives you the opportunity to further lower your airfare.

With your Wheels Up subscription you have direct acces to Wheels Down, an exclusively designed event and life style services. We bring you to the most popular venues all year round - sport, musical, arts, entertaining and economic - and make sure your interaction exceeds your expectations. Member get discounts, advantages and discounts at select partners hotel, restaurant, LUXUS-WEBSHOP and more.

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