7 Seater Cab

7-seater cabin

The Prime SUV category cabin offers 6 to 8 seats. Can I book Ola cabs for seven people? The journey through Singapore in the 7-seater Maxi cabin is considered the best way to visit the country's great destination.

This is how you reserve a 6-seater cab in Ola

Click Prime to open the Ola application. There are three choices when you click on Prime - Prime Sedan, Prime Play and Prime SUV. Prime Sedan, Prime Play and Prime SUV are available. Choose Prime SUV and click Ride Now or Ride Later. They are finished to book a 6-seater (depending on the vehicle availability). They are all 6-seater off-road vehicles, but they ensure that they will be able to sent you either sexy or innovative, ligthy or enjoyable.

The Prime SUV cabin offers 6 to 8 seating options. Prime SUV is only available in restricted area.

7-seater Maxi cabin a comfortable trip through Singapore

Travelling through Singapore without the right kind of transport can be a big hassle; this is why renting the facilities of a dependable 7-seater maxi cabin is seen as the best way to visiting the country's great holiday resort. Whether you're a local looking for the most convenient way to get to a particular area of the downtown area, or a group of 7 people looking for an Singapore International airport shuttle bus or bus, you can be sure that a Maxi Cab is one of the most intelligent travelling or holiday decisions you'll ever make.

Again, you don't have to be a traveler to take full benefit of our great offers and package tours, because even if you are staying here and are only looking for a driver shuttles or transfers to and from your honeymoon location, our maximum cabins, minivans and even luxurious limousines are at your disposal.

With our fares calculated on our Singapore fares, you'll be tempted to make a business trip with the airline because you really don't have to worry about ERP and even extra charges during rush hour. While advance reservations are acceptable, the airline will never bill you for an advance purchase or maximum cabin reservations fee.

It also offers Malaysia Transfer services for those who plan to visit the country's landmarks such as Legoland, JPO, Moersing, Senai International Park and other locations. The 7-seater maximum cabin that you will be equipped with has more than enough room for your group to relax, comfort and enjoy safety throughout the journey.

If you think that a 7-seater would not be enough, you can also go to our website and try the 13-seater minibus or other Singapore international transfers services we provide. Please call us to make a Maxi Cab booking or if you need more information about the services.

With the continuation of this on-line reservation you explain yourselves in agreement with our general trading conditions. You can then choose the kind of services. Pardon Wait Period (15 min for 1-way transfer) / (60 min for arrival - after aircraft landing) After that $10 for every 15 min blocks will be added to the overall bill.

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