Helicopter Rental for Wedding

Wedding Helicopter Rental

Have a great and unforgettable entrance to your wedding location. Hire a helicopter to take you to your romantic destination. We have everything under control, from surprise engagements and weddings to romantic excursions. Wedding Helicopter Booking in v- We offer helicopters for rent for marriage in India. Receive the best price when booking helicopters for marriage in India.

Helicopter Wedding Estimate Pricing

One of the most common options is to take a couple from a home to a parish hall, from a parish hall to a welcoming home, or to leave the front desk for a hostel in the evenings. Fares begin at 2.100 plus value added ('V.A.T.' or locally based equivalised tax) per charter hours for 30 minute or longer journeys, or for trips outside England and Wales, or overnight outings.

Rental rates for helicopters vary depending on the locations of your take-offs and landings, the cost of your landings, the length of your flights, the helicopter length and the flying season.

Hire a helicopter for your wedding or engagement.

Just think of you and your prospective fiance fly to a lovely evening out with your loved ones and your loved ones waiting for your time. And the more epic the betrothal, the better, right? Dedication experts are full of inspiration to carry out a helicopter commitment within your budgets to provide a significant event for you to show off.

You' re gonna say, "What a great betrothal story." You should leave for the wedding party epic. In the following you find the wedding locations, which we care for regularly. As soon as you engage us, you can take a long breather, because a specialist staff will take care of all the co-ordination with the event location, so you don't have to bother about anything!

This is a great choice for any of our trips you would like to suggest. Our expert photo professionals can act as passengers on the plane and will incidentally record your best time. All of the photographs you see on this page were taken by Epic's professionals. Please ask for our viewing and room rental if you would like to have your closest friend and relatives wait for you when you arrive.

Offer caterers, TABC-licensed bars and personal parties with spot lights and deejays. We' re willing to help you with the planning of this particular occasion and we may be better than the wedding designer!

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