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Register of owners of private jets Izmirlian is the proprietor of a Gulfstream G650 with the HB-IVJ inscription. Ýsmirlian has a large sailing vessel called Total Nuts and net assets of $1 billion. Mr James Packer own a Bombardier Global Express BD 700 Privatjets with NV888ZP registered. Jaime Gilinski is the wealthiest man in Colombia.

Mr. Miller is the owner of a Dassault Falcon 7X with the registry number CN900JG. Gulfstream G650 with the N-606SA registry is owned by Luis Carlos Sarmiento. Mr. Aval is the proprietor of Grupo Aval, a Columbian investment firm that carries out a broad range of financing operations, among them banks, telecommunication and property. Mr Petr Kellner own a Boeing BBJ 737 Next Gen commercial aircraft.

ohn de Mol is the proprietor of a Dassault Falcon X7 privatjets. Launched in 2015, the aircraft is PH-TLP certified. The Latin word for mole is the name of the shipowners. Verwelius is a Dassault Falcon X7 registered PH-AJX user.

Wewelius us a long-time supporter of FC Ajax. The Verwelius Group owns the Verwelius building business, which deals with real estate developments, building, investment projects and project supervision. Uwelius is on the Netherlands Rich List with net assets of more than USD 250 million. Mr Alberto Bailleres owns a Gulfstream G650.

Mr. Bal is president of Grupo Bal, which holds the second biggest Mexican coal mine. They also own a store called El Palacio de Hierro. Well, he does own a boat called the Mayan Queen. He' s jetting a Gulfstream G5 from 1999. It has several aircraft and two of the biggest research boats in the canal.

Here you can find British Jets! Here you can find USA Jets owners! Here you will find jets from Russia! Mayid al Futtaim own a Dassault Falcon 7X Jets with the registry A6-MAF. It has more than 140 hypermarkets and several shopping centres, among them the Mall of the Emirates. Oct 2016 Update: Majid al Futtaim replaces his Falcon 7X with a brandnew Gulfstream G650.

Now the Gulf Stream uses the symbol A6-MAF. He was Deputy Minister of Defence and Aviation of Saudi Arabia until a few years ago. Its biggest boat is a 124 metre long Lurssen called Odyssey Gold. Prinz Mohammad bin Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is owned by the Boeing 777 with the registration VP-CAL.

Mohammed is the descendant of the deceased King Fahd of Kingdom of Saudia. Prinz Fahd is also Governor of the Eastern Province of Saudia, where most of saud's crude extraction takes place at Arabia´s Boeing 777 has a listed cost of 320 million US dollars and is licensed to Montkaj LTD.

This is no accident, because the Prince also possesses a large sailing boat called Montkaj. Al-Waleed bin Talal is the wealthiest man in Saudi Arabia. Prince Al Waleed bought a Boeing 767 for 62 million US dollars in 1996, this was the Prince's first Boeing with the HZ-WBT6 inscription. The Prince bought a Boeing 747, now known as HZ-WBT7, for the 48 million US dollar mark in 2002.

Proprietor company: Rashid Nasser al is the proprietor of a Gulfstream G650. Ltd. is a full-service consultancy headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which manages large public works for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Proprietor: Yusuffali M.A. Yusuffali M.A. Yusuffali M.A. is owned by a Gulfstream G550 with register A6-YMA.

Mr Yusuffali is the founding member of the LuLu Group. Yusuffali's net value is valued at 4.2 billion US dollars. Isaac Andic is the proprietor of a Bombardier Global Express BD700 privatjets. It has a large nirvana sailboat. Zygmunt Solorz-Zak is owned by a Gulfstream G650 with the registry M-PLUS.

Also Solorz-Zak has several other enterprises such as the Polisa insurer, the Plus Bank, the Plus cellular operator (which declares the jets registration) and PAK, one of the biggest power generators in Poland. The football team of Slask Wroclaw also belongs to him. Gulfstream G650 with D-ADSK registry was ordered by Poland's wealthiest man:

Mr. Bolkestein was the founding partner and proprietor of Kulczyk Investments. Kulczyk has a large Phoenix II boat. Della Valle is owned by Diego Gulfstream G550 with I-ADVD register. And he also has a big boat called Altair. Guiseppe De'Longhi is owned by a 2015 Gulfstream G550 with register I-DELO.

The Delonghi Group owns the De' Longhi Group, an Italy-based manufacturer of coffeemakers.

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