Book Multi City Vacation

Booking a holiday of several days

Book price & book in seconds. Note: Some holiday types are not available to book online. Passengers must depart from and return to the same city.

So why don't large holiday sites have the option of booking multi-city holidays on-line?

"My intention is to make a Galapagos Islands stopover cruise" or "I would like to make a group trip to London and Dublin". The definition of your POI is the first phase, like selecting the trip you want to take on the Galapagos Islands. Because we know the voyage and the data as well as the harbours where the voyage begins and ends, we also know level 3, which consists of finding service around the start and end harbours.

At level 3 we know at each end which airports are closest to the cruising harbor, we have our own supplier for accommodation, air transfer, tour leader, etc. For example, you can book a resort, transfer from the airports and a tour leader around Porto A and then around point A. Since we know that the chosen trip will start on 10 April and end on 20 April, and since you will be staying 3 night before the trip in Porto A and 2 night after the trip in Porto A, we now know phase 4....The flight details.

From your home base you must depart for aerodrome "A" on 6 or 7 April and depart from aerodrome "B" to your home base on 22 April. Now we have the information you need to book your flight. Finally, we can also ask you the very easy questions of whether you want to book a cab or shuttles from your front door to your home or not.

We do not have cruises at this point yet, but we do have harbours and aerodromes, as well as airline companies and other facilities around them. Because we value privacy (actual locations), you can specifically look for a hotel near a harbor or near an international hub.

Here, too, the "event" can take place in only one city (round trip), two towns (open jaw) or any number of places (several destinations).

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