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2007 PACT: Information - Brasov and Bucharest Transportation

On this page you will find information about transport within Brasov, within Bucharest and travel between Bucharest and Brasov. Brazov map. Tampa (400 metres above Brasov) is the first hill you will see when you arrive in Brasov. Brasov is often referred to as a city by Tampa on walking distance. Brasov train station to Hotel ARO-PALACE.

You can take a taxi from the Brasov train Station to the Hotel ARO-PALACE in front of the train Station (about 2ââ¬) or take the 2 buses 4 (the busstop is in front of the train Station) and get off at the fifth stop (then 200 Metres walk through the woods and you will see the ARO-Hotel in front of you).

Taxi in Brasov. Taxi's are a quicker and more convenient way to explore the city than using local transport. Even taxi's are relatively inexpensive. The majority of cabs have counters and the driver is usually amiable. As a rule, taxi stands are located at marked points along the kerbstone near buses or other bustling places.

If you are travelling outside the borders of the town, you may be asked to cover twice the cost per kilometre (considered acceptable) or you may be able to arrange a flat rate in advance. However, if you are travelling outside the town, you may be asked to cover twice the cost per kilometre. Tips for taxi driver are not very widespread, but are always valued. Do not get into a taxi that has no signs with the name of the firm on it, you may be cheated.

Here is a listing of some of the most trusted taxi operators in Brasov: A.T.I. Bucharest Maps. Taxi from Bucharest Henri-Coanda to Bucharest. Taxi services that take clients to the airports have free entry to the International Departures Terminal and the Domestic Flights Terminal. You can use one of the following taxi services: 6 taxi cabs in front of the International Arrival Terminal.

Please use the FLY Taxi Dispatch in the International Arrivals Terminal bus stop shelter for further information. If you have any complaints regarding taxi service, please make a record of the vehicle's license number and call Otopeni Air Transportation Police, telephone: Notice: The 2.99RON/km speed is quite fast in comparison to regular urban cabs which calculate between 1.15RON/km and 1.5RON/km.

It is therefore recommended that you only use Fly Taxi when travelling from Henri-Coanda to Bucharest and use another taxi service to return to the Bucharest International Airports (see next point for more information on this subject). Bucharest taxi. Bucharest cabs are inexpensive as long as you take a taxi that is associated with a trustworthy taxi operator.

Privately owned cabs are costly and can be risky because you just can't trust the driver. Always make sure that each taxi you board clearly shows the name and phone number of the firm to which it belongs. Otherwise, the taxi may not be available. There is a legal obligation for all taxi cabs to have their fares displayed on the front seat passengers door: please verify the fares before boarding.

Taxi fares up to 10 RPON per mile. Pay special attention to this rip-off if you take a taxi from outside the Gara de Nord, the Bucuresti Mall or a five-startel. Subordinate enterprises calculate between 1 new lien and 1.50 new lire per kilometer. Please note: If you have to drive from Bucharest to the Bucharest International Airports, take a taxi from the ones on the above or below as they are much less expensive than the fly taxi offered at the Bucharest International Airports.

Bucharester Taxis - a comprehensive listing of more dependable taxi operators. Coming to Brasov either by rail or by road, you will cross the Meridional Carpathians from the southern part along the Prahova Valley to the northern part along the Timis Valley. Brasov can be reached in two ways: by taxi from the international airports to the Gara de Nord station in Bucharest (about 15 euros) and then by rail to Gara Brasov, the Brasov station (about 15-20 euros).

See the above information about OTP to Bucharest taxi services. You can find some information about Rumanian train services below. Rumanian train. Brasov is very easily accessible as it is an important junction of Romania's railways. There are many train services between Bucharest, the main city, and Brasov (approx. 170 km) every day, almost one per hours.

Because of its affordable price and convenience, the Brasov is the best way to reach Brasov. Although all Rumanian railways are becoming more and more convenient, try taking the InterCity (IC) railways (2:30 hrs to Brasov, 15 ââ¬/ticket). "The " quick " moves are also comfortably and nearly as quickly as InterCities. However, do not take moves called Personal (or short for an abbreviation in front of the routing number) or Accelerat (short for A) to Brasov.

When you are really compelled to take them (although there are high-speed and IC railways all around the world at very convenient times), buy at least a first grade train pass. You can buy your flight one hour prior to your flight start at the train depot or in person at the CFR reservation centre (CFR agency), but not for your flight start on the same date.

The surcharges are to be paid in fast and fast passenger services for which places must be reserved in anticipation. Timetable of the Romanian State Railway (CFR). To find for example locomotives from Bucharest to Brasov, please obey the following instructions:

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