Private Jet Cabin Crew

Portable jet cabin crew

Each member of the crew is discreet, professional, attentive and efficient. Private security personnel | Private recruitment agency for companies Butler & Nanny hires crew from private and company aircraft. Each member of the crew is discrete, proffesional, attentive and efficient. In our view, this is an essential part of our managerial performance. The licences will be monitored to ensure that all pilot licences are kept up to date and that qualification testing is regularly performed in accordance with legal requirement.

All our first rate cabin crew are committed to offering the highest levels of comfort and comfort to our owner and crew members. The Nanny & Butler Company cabin crew are always available and offer their clients a tailor-made and personal approach. A private jet stewardess has a good view, attention and client support, good ability to listen and communicate, a well-groomed look and feel, and has successfully completed an aptitude test of operating procedure for her particular airplane model for certification: client support, use of rescue gear and first assistance administration, etc.


In some areas there are career paths that do not begin by accident or by doing a reasonable, worthwhile job. A few career paths emerge from passions, the quest for a calling. Enthusiasm is the shared foundation that every employee has with every one of our valued customers.

Record it, share it, express it, and the experiences will be worthwhile and intriguing for everyone concerned. This is the private air transport industry. We have a strict recruitment procedure because we value every member of our group. Air crew and pilot are our agents who carry the corporate identity and name.

If you are organized, safety-conscious, a good teammate, alert to people's needs, self-confident, upbeat, discrete, decisive and flawless, then we would like to get together with you. Our expectation of our drivers is high. You need our expertise, dedication and love of detail. Teambuilders who can and will set a good example.

Airplanes take off thanks to the work of those who stay on the floor. We operate a wide range of businesses, including private aviation, management and servicing, and the sale of charters.

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