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Jets for small businesses

Finest new aircraft of the new year The new year sees the launch of a whole series of new privately-owned airplanes. Having visited NBAA in Vegas and chatted with some of the world's leading makers, we have put this listing together with every new airplane that should be on a buyer's radar in 2018. Ranging from breathtaking new jet jumpers from the industry's largest brands to several smaller, highly effective, innovating airplanes used in manufacturing, this range has something for everyone.

If you need a new corporate airplane to carry your whole management crew, or just a lightweight airplane for fast familiy outings, this schedule is sure to get your motor up and running. Combining a quiet drive, roomy interiors and all-round performance, the Global 6000 has been our most popular large airplane for some now.

Called "the industry's biggest custom-built business jet," the firm has found it difficult to justify its claim after seeing it up closely at Henderson Executive Airport at the NBAA last October. Inside it accommodates up to 19 luxurious occupants, a spacious cabin and a spacious main bedroom with a single berth for tranquil relaxation on overseas outings.

An operating distance of 7,400 nm and numerous further developments, among them an innovative 100 per cent breathable ventilation system, round off the impressing equipment. After the Phenom 300 received a complete high-tech facial lift, the world's most famous personal aircraft just got better.

Indoor architect Jay Beever worked to offer travellers more cab space and greater comfort by integrating more islands and designs of luxurious automobiles, such as the very Rolls-Royce-like gauges and the Tesla-worthy technology panels. And the $10 million 300E has a cruising distance of over 2,200 nm, which means it can take almost any journey within the U.S. without fuel.

The Gulfstream G range is the world''s leading goldsmith for large aeroplanes, and the model is its first ever aeroplane. Costing $55 million, the 6700 is the quickest in its category and transports 6,200 sea miles of passenger traffic at Mach 0.85. Developed for up to 19 occupants and nine berths, it provides plenty of room to work and relax, both with individual seating and sofas that can be converted into bedding.

Due to its dimensions, style and affordable price, the HondaJet has quickly become a favourite with those looking for an economic small one. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine another $5 million airplane that we would suggest for the new HA-420. Stylishly modernized interiors are amazingly luxurious, and technology innovation and the use of lightweight fibre make it a lightweight but fast passenger car with a cruise of 368 kn and a 1,206 nm outreach.

VTOL, the world's first electrical VTOL helicopter, the $6.5 million TriFan 600, has the promise of being truly groundbreaking. Capable of launching from almost anywhere on shore or water, it has a maximum velocity of 345 mbph and a cruising distance of up to 1,200 nm.

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