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The Baltimore Cab and Van Services. Coquitlam, British Columbia. is a taxi company that offers local taxi transportation in Edgewood, MD.


Bel Air was founded in 1942 as an area where wealthy Los Angeles region inhabitants could call home while staying relatively near the workplaces they might have in the amusement industries. Along with Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills, Bel Air is part of the "Platinum Triangle" of the Los Angeles Neighborhoods, which means that the inhabitants of these areas are among the richest in the Los Angeles region or even in the state of California.

Bel Air cabins are often needed by the well-known leaders of the film industries, personalities of folk bands, sportsmen and women, and the Los Angeles economic and social élite. Maybe no period in the story has lit up a neighbourhood and drawn America's eye to the Bel Air taxi service as much as it did in the 90s when The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a beloved comedy.

Whilst the opening title of The Fresh Prince contained a Bel Air taxi, it should be noted that this taxi was stopped in Philadelphia and was not one of our taxis. Whilst our riders can savour the throws in their rear-view mirror, the taxi to Bel Air used by Will Smith's characters was not one of the dependable cars we use.

In addition, our vehicles used for our Bel Air taxi service are kept neat and well serviced, while the taxi in The Fresh Prince seemed to have a smell stain.

Baltimore Limousine Service - Baltimore Limousinen 410-877-0215 - Qualitäts-Limousinenservice in Baltimore Maryland und darüber hinaus

These are just a few of the many specialties of Triangle Limousine we have. Triangle Limousine offers busses for all kinds of parties in Bel Air, MD. One of the most important moments of your lifetime, your marriage deserves to be the focus of your mind even before the major occasion begins.

Triangle limousines is specialized in providing our clients with a high value bridal limo service. Triangle Sedan provides premium limo service to clients in Bel Air, Harford County, Baltimore and the general Maryland area. Prepared for your big one? Indulge yourself in a secure and untroubled adventure with the Triangle Sedan.

It'?s a speciality of the triangle sedan. Triangle Limousine places great emphasis on your complete satisfation, and we realize that your transport needs and priorities are truly exceptional. Triangle Limousine offers dependable relocation from Bel Air and MD area airfields to local airfields, Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia and New York City, with convenience and styling.

With Triangle Sedan we are prepared to meet almost all your domestic transport needs. We are a family-run business in Bel Air, MD that can help you move through the city with stylish sophistication. They know the area well and bring you to your goal relaxing and on schedule.

Our cars are neat and convenient and can be used for many different transport needs. With our competent and courteous driver, we are prepared to take you where you want to go when you depend on us: No matter if you only need a one-time trip to the international airports or your business wants a sedan on call for your customers, Triangle Sedan is always there for you.

We are fully licenced and covered and offer competitive tariffs. While we pride ourselves on serving customers throughout Bel Air and the area, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to plan your transport. Our staff is available 24/7 and 365 workingdays per year! Please call us at (410) 877-0215, you will always get a dedicated service person!

When you happen to receive our voicemail service (which is rare), just send us a short text with your name, number and a short explanation of the kind of service you need. If you are interested in staying for several days, we provide accommodation free of charge, just give us a call! Can' t exaggerate what a marvelous accomplishment my boyfriends and I had when we engaged Triangle to do my wife's birthday crawling.

Nothing but our chauffeur was courteous and courteous and the limousine in which we drove was totally luxury. Personally, I have and will be recommending this firm to others. Surprising communications, and got my fiancé to his goal in time. Outstanding service!!!!!!! I' ve arranged my daughter's marriage in a triangle limousine.

It was very enjoyable to meet her and her help in arranging the date, place and hour of the ceremony made my and my daughter's marriage experiences a good one. The Triangle Limo was great. I' d heared about Triangle at a groom show and actually won a $200 award for service for my marriage.

And even if I had bought the full prize, the business would have been valuable. It was a fantastic firm! All we need is the transport, as we were getting hitched at the same moment and had initially reserved a 10 person limousine. She was very kind and sympathetic and made me see how it would be cheaper to equip a limousine for 18 people!

Fantastic rates, stunning service, limousine was punctual and neat. I had a fantastic evening in Triangle Limousine. The Triangle Limousine will be my only option for luxurious trips in the world.

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