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At Spectrum we offer a faster Internet service than most of our competitors. Home WiFi Support | Spectrum home WiFi is a home WiFi home networking device that enables your WiFi-compatible equipment such as laptop computers, printer, tables, SMART televisions, mobile phones, games and more. to establish a connection to the Internet and to each other without the use of cables. Allows you to simultaneously plug in more than one device, giving you the flexibility to move from room to room and keep in touch with the Internet from anywhere within the WiFi area.

When you need to modify one of your WiFi preferences, such as your home WiFi networking name or your WiFi passcode, you need the WiFi-enabled Internet dial-up passcode that your technicians stored for you at the point of installing, usually on the back of the Welcome Guide. It is the key that gives you control over the WiFi Internet modems setting.

It only works if you are logged in to your Spectrum Internet connection at home. Type the user name and password for your WiFi-enabled Internet dial-up connection. You can view your defaults if you don't know the login information for your WLAN-enabled Internet dial-up. There are various options available.

In order to view/change your IP name/password, search for WiFi (connection settings). See your machine's User's Manual or 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328) for more help with setting. Please note: We do not support non-spectral WiFi compatible Internet modems or WiFi compatible Internet modems or WiFi compatible Internet modems. See your router's manual for the vendor. By subscribing to Spectrum's Home WiFi, we are installing a Spectrum-rented WiFi-enabled Internet dial-up device, a unique radio that acts as both an Internet dial-up device and a cordless Internet access point.

Dependent on your geography and your subscription schedule, you can use WiFi-enabled Internet browsers that use the latest 802.11ac WiFi standards, giving you better, quicker speeds throughout your home and greater broadband for several simultaneously attached units. When you install, your engineer will set up your selected SSID and IP address and activate the best WPA2 on your WiFi-enabled Internet gateway.

It protects your home WiFi or WiFi networks and prevents unauthorized access. Your engineer will write down your selected username and passphrase on the back of your Welcome Guide so that you can easily create a new unit or allow extra people on your wireless LAN. When you install our WiFi-enabled Internet dial-up connection yourself with the Easy Connect Kit, please complete the procedure described in your Easy Connect Guide.

How to pair your equipment with the WiFi-enabled Internet modem: Be sure that the WiFi link on your unit is turned on. The name of the settings may differ depending on the unit. Choose your newly selected SSID. Type your new networking code. When your WiFi is not connecting: Make sure that the WiFi connections of your equipment are turned on.

Verify all WiFi-compatible Internet modems. Restart your WiFi-enabled Internet dial-up. In case a wire issue has occurred near you, it may be necessary to restart the WiFi-enabled Internet dial-up to restore a correct link. Ensure that you are within reach of your WiFi-enabled Internet modems.

Reboot your equipment. When your TV has a problem, your Internet service is most likely also affected. Read our Top 10 Hints to maximise your Home WiFi power page and make sure you have the optimum set-up for your Home WiFi.

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