Fly around the World

Flying around the world

Here is how to fly around the world for $1,200. If my boyfriends and customers with Yore Oyster see me fly so cheap around the world, they always want to know how. Rightly so - if I saw someone taking $5 from Dubai to Manila or taking a $75 flight from Asia to North America, I'd be quite inquisitive. My response to them is always a combination of the same two things: 1) knowing and 2) using them.

Or at least when it comes to making reservations. Therefore I would like to give you now the necessary information and skills to make your own world tour reservation. I' ve scheduled a certain route (knowledge) and will show you the precise sites and methodologies (tools) to find and buy that route to make sure you get the best shot for your money.

Travelling route includes five towns on four mainets, all for $1,200. Here is a brief look at the activities in each of these locations, and if you are planning to spend a longer time in Europe (recommended), you should also visit this extra full route to see 10 major capital city of Europe for only $228 this sommer.

We begin and end the journey in New York, although Stockholm (Norwegian Air, $180) is your first stop and it is an outstanding place to stimulate your hunger for the remainder of the journey. This is the best outdoor meal in the world, if not in a town. Around Bangkok, in almost every little lane, you'll find someone who cooks fat Si-io, Tom Ka or Pads Thais to make your mouth water with taste.

To Bangkok we go to Singapore (Scoot, $32) for a very different perspective on what it means to be an Asiatic city. Spend an afternoons at the world's most popular swimming pools, the 57-story infinity swimming pools at Marina Bay Sands Relax. At sunset, stroll around Marina Bay (lunch can be incredibly hot) and stop at a trading centre such as Tekka Centre in Little India or Maxwell Centre near Chinatown for a unique Singapore food.

As in Bangkok and most large cities in Asia, Singapore is a must for shoppers, so whether you want to discover the city' s main retail centres, do your on-line business, or go off the usual Tiong Bahru trails, Singapore is well prepared for both extreme prices. When you' re under pressure from before your journey, go to the Fragment Room, where you step into a cement room and break down your glasses, televisions and other sensitive household items with your ball bats and sledgehammers.

And if you like something more bitter than the glittering Singapore, trade in Kuala Lumpur for a similar fare by using AirAsia instead. Like Singapore, KL has much to shop for, although most shoppers choose to dine in the heart of the cities. Wherever I am in downtown, I like to relax in one of the E&O Residences or the Majestic Hotel KL, both of which have large rooms in suite styles that will not let you down.

The next stop on the route is Sydney ( Scoot, $121). We could go back to Sydney directly to New York, but that doesn't really work out. Instead we drive to Honolulu (Jetstar, $222) for a last stop before we finish the journey. Dawn from the top of Diamond Head, local known as L??ahi, is a must followed by an afternoon cruise to Waikiki Beach.

We' ve arrived at the end of the journey, unfortunately, so get on your last plane back to New York (United, $417) and get back to normal living. Regardless of how much affection you have for the Lower East Side and The High Line, it will be difficult to end the memory of your journey after your comeback.

I had a number of considerations that influenced my choice of these special wings. LCCs in both areas provide $10-20 (serious) charter fares on selected airlines, so you can plan a great deal on your budgets regardless of area. Here is another exemplary route for the visit of ten major cities in Europe for only $228 this sommer.

However, most travel itineraries on this route are also operated by budget airlines, which means they do not contain hold luggage. Obviously, it's not the only way to get around the world for $1,200. You can change this journey by taking the first two stages of this route - New York to Stockholm and Bangkok - and then fly directly from Bangkok to New York, which will reduce the fare to under $1,000.

And if you choose to fly the other way, first to Honolulu and then to Sydney, it works very well. I raised the ante a little and flew around the world for under $550 using some strategic British Airways Avios points. Briefly, there are many different ways to travel the world for less than $1,200 - all you need is the skills and the right tool to make it all possible.

Apart from the potential use of some mileage, the only other utility you definitely want to use is Google Favorites, an outstanding searching utility for this kind of flight. If you' ve got your next goal in front of you, Google immediately downloads monthly pricing information so you can immediately select the best date.

Or use the intuitional maps function if you are not sure where you want to go - this is how I found these low cost tickets between Bangkok, Singapore and Sydney. Although my staff at Yore Academy are saving our Yore Academy customers millions of dollars on each of their commercial air travel, we still use Google to get a sense of the value we need to beating.

And now that you have both the expertise and the resources you need to make your own world tour, what are you waitin' for?

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