Girona Taxi Prices

Prices Girona Taxi

Tariffs for taxis in Girona, Spain. No data available for Girona. Best shuttle service in Girona (GRO) and Barcelona (BCN). What is the cost of a taxi from Figueres Vilafant, province of Girona, Spain to Barcelona, Spain? Taxis must provide their customers with a complaint book in which they can record price differences, refusal of service, incorrect treatment, etc.

Airport Girona Taxi Service

There is a taxi stand directly in front of the arrival area. There' s a black and red plate with the inscription "Taxi" and the street name " Taxi" is also lacquered amber. When there are no cabs outside, you can call one from the free telephone on the arrival screen.

You do not have a common office number, as every taxi is private. In case you are longing at the taxi stand, you can ask the information in the arrival lounge to call you a taxi from the center of Girona instead of having to queue for a taxi.

Telephone numbers of 2 taxi services from the center of Girona: These taxi services also have handicapped accessible cabs. Prices are the same no matter how many taxi riders there are. In case you have difficulties getting there, you can ask the Tourist Information at Girona Airport to call a taxi for you.

English speaking, they also have a price quote available. Information is available 24 h a week during the summers (25 March to October) and is always open when flight arrivals take place. For taxi rides from Girona airport there are firm tariffs. Prices are per taxi, not per passenger.

This price applies to taxi services coming from a small town 5 min from the nearest taxi station. When you take a taxi from the center of Girona to the international airports, each trip is more costly than the following prices. Approximate taxi rates from Girona are as follows:

Surcharges to the taxi rate: The majority of taxi cabs keep a max. of 4 persons and their luggage (1 bag and 1 handbag each). A few cabs are tailgates and can therefore take 1 or 2 additional bag. When you have more luggage, go to the information and ask them to order a bigger taxi for you.

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