Boeing Business Jet Charter Rates

Business Boeing Jet Charter Rates

BBJ offers VIP travelers a maximum of amenities and space to work, relax, eat and sleep. Airliner vip boeing Business Jet Airbus Private Jet Charter. Executive-Leerbein-Charter and private charter jet rentals on Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)'s are offered by ElJet. Worldwide experts in organizing Executive & VIP aircraft charter throughout Canada &

worldwide. The HNA Group uses the aircraft frequently, but if not, it is available for charter. Allow us to book your private charter flight with the Boeing Business Jet.

Business Jet Boeing

Boeing Business Jet is a variant of Boeing aircraft designed specifically for the business jet segment. The BBJ charter places a high value on portability both for the aircraft and for the individuals.

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Boeing Business Jet charter flight

Boeing Business Jet took off faster than practically any privately owned company jet. Boeing Business Jet began when Boeing realized the need to equip a roomy long-haul jet with all the conveniences a bustling senior business manager would need. In fact, to find a more refined plane, one would need the Air Force One, also made by Boeing.

Boeing Business Jet began and continues to be an equal partner of Boeing and General Electric, combining the best qualities of each of the company's best jetliners. The Boeing Business Jet, for example, can be fully luxuriously designed for 25 to 50 occupants and often comprises a main room, two full bathrooms with toilets, a meeting room, a residential area, fully equipped with quality entertainment, a lounges, eating area or more.

Configuration varies and there is even a 149-person version if the customer needs to accommodate a large group, as is often the case with film theaters. A peculiarity really deserving mention is the cruising distance; the Boeing Business Jet can carry 8 11,480 km or 7133 mile without refuelling.

That means just that the manager can circle the whole globe with only one refueling stop. Just think, you take your Boeing Business Jet privately from any larger town in the northern Hemisphere to any other non-stop connection (or any town in the south to any other). It' also interesting to notice that the Boeing Business Jet is one of the few aircraft with ETOPS 180 approval.

This means that this business jet is not limited to certain routes, which usually limit aircraft. It offers more flexible scheduling and course changes. Undoubtedly, this is a characteristic that most busily employed business travellers appreciate. Experienced charter consultants are available around the clock to help you make your aircraft reservations and preparations.

So you can rely on security and dependability for every plane in your family. If you are willing to make a booking, call us and make a reservation. It'?s that easy.

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