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With American Jet International you gain a competitive advantage in the charter industry. AJJ - Private jet charter and air rescue services in Houston, Texas American Jet brings you nearer, quicker and without the frustration of connecting to 10 x more cities than ever before with American Jet World. Jet Jets are no longer a luxurious option reserved for large enterprises - Jet travel is a serious instrument for businesses with remote accountabilities, several customers and the ambitions to succeed in today's world. Use American Jet International to increase your efficiency. We have a highly skilled staff of professionals offering outstanding, competitively priced services.

Used for the normal course of your journey or a particular holiday in unfamiliar parts. The American Jet has you in its sights.

What is the number of private jets in the United States?

Not surprisingly, the number of US registrations is far greater than anywhere else in the globe. Of the 50 below mentioned nations, the USA alone makes up 67 percent of corporate jets and 63 percent of the worldwide population.

In 2012, 672 new private jets were purchased, a decrease of 3.4% compared to 2011. Altogether 11,261 private jets were recorded for use in the USA and 7,997 for the remainder of the globe. The global corporate aircraft portfolio includes approximately 11,000 corporate jets, the overwhelming majority of which are located in the United States or held by U.S. corporations. 1,500 other very lightweight aircraft, 12,500 in all, depend on whom you ask.

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We tailor our services to the needs of our customers and their customers. Whenever and wherever you need them, we provide you with the flexibility you need. For business or pleasure, our services are an alternate to expensive split property, stream map schemes and private jetships. With our services, we help our business customers meet their schedules and budgets.

Using a number of airplane choices available globally, our employees communicate with the crews and all members of the teams participating in the success of your itinerary.

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