Aircraft Rental Chicago

Chicago Aircraft Rental

There is no other flight school with simulators, remote classrooms and a large fleet of aircraft for hire and training. The Fly There, LLC is a flight school in Chicago that offers aircraft management, flight instruction, simulator training and discounted training packages. Winding City Flyers The Windy City Flyers is a pilot training and aircraft rental association based at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) in Wheeling, IL. Windy City Flyers was founded in 1991 and has educated tens of millions of pilots through our structural programme that allows our pupils to move at their own speed. Planned flights and aircraft rental are possible 24 and 7 working nights a week.

Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) features a professional staffing disposition counter, an accredited FAA test centre, a pilotshop with aviation maps, a full movement aircraft simulator, one-to-one study rooms and a fully fired aircraft hangar. Our Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) facility is equipped with a full range of services, including a professional disposition counter, a recognized FAA test centre, a pilotshop with aviation maps, a full movement aircraft simulation, one-to-one study rooms and a fully fired aircraft hangar. 2. Available air traffic education programmes are the Private pilot license (PPL), instrument (IFR) ratings, commercial pilot license (CPL), multi-engine license, certified flight instructor or CFI, high altitude endorsement, high performance endorsement and airline transport pilot or ATP.

There are also available flights reviews and instrument proficiency checks. In order to talk about your destinations in the area of air travel education or aircraft rental, please call us at 847-808-1188 or send us an e-mail to plan a trip.

Winding City Flyer Price List

The Windy City Flyers' price list contains two different per -hour hour fees for aircraft instruction and rental. Full Club Members fees and times are determined using the aircraft's speedometer. Tariffs for all others are determined using the Hobbs meter of the aircraft. The Hobbs meter reads how long the motor is operating regardless of the motor rpm, while the speedometer reads the number of rpm the prop makes.

Hobbs is only the same as the speedometer when the motor is at full revs. Tachometer will always be smaller than the Hobbs metre for a particular ride. By using tacho ratios, our members make significant savings when hiring aircraft, as the powerplant is operated at low performance during many stages of the aircraft, to include cab driving for take-off, wait for take-off, arrival and take-off, and during the cab back to the car park.

Students can particularly profit from tacho speeds because of the enormous amount of low performance exercise required, which includes low speed airspeed, low speed airspeed and stall work. The Hobbs Meter in our Cessna 172SP, for example, is rotated by 1.0 meters during a one-hour ride.

In the same one-hour trip, however, the speedometer could only turn by 0.7. Hobbs for this plane was $86, the speed for the same plane would only be $67.20. Overall, our members are saving between 20% and 30% on Hobbs and Tacho comparisons - which can lead to hundreds of dollar saving each year!

Whatever your member level, we provide the highest level of flying education to all our learners and prices for instructors are the same whether you are a member or not. Please call us or our offices at 847-808-1188 for the latest aircraft prices....

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