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What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? - maui forum What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? They' re about half the prize for first grade than any other. What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? You never used it, but.

.. but if you get the Alaskan Airlines debit and buy your tickets with the map, your marriage partner is $99.00. What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui?

What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? On Alaska, first grade is certainly much better than coaching, but it's nothing like first grade on a widebody like a 777 or 767, for me the extra costs are not rewarding. The last time I went to Hawaii was on Alaska from the Bay Area because they offered the cheapest prices.

I' ve never had a trouble with Alaska and am planning to use it again next months for our Kona itinerary. What is Alaska Airlines to Maui like? The comparison of other non-stop western coastal Maui airlines to Alaska is generally much less expensive, so we have been flying with them the last 3 tours. Appears to be a lavish seating inclination, especially in comparison to happywaiian.

Another thing I like about Alaska from San Jose is that they have a sensible early start in the early hours, and you don't have to wait around in Maui until your room is up. Well, I haven't tried her first grade yet. What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? Our mission is to provide flights directly from Portland to Maui, Hawaii, until Alaska began serving a few years ago.

The costs are lower and another posters are noted, $99 accompanying price can be used for first grade purchases, so the costs drop even further. Have not ( yet) used the first grade on Maui, but often upgraded at the gates for departures to Guadalajara, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. What are Alaska airlines like to Maui?

Alaska' s flying time. What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I am flying a lot of Alaska. They' re the only airlines I've used to get to Hawaii, so I can't really compete with others there, but I find their services constantly good.

Your cabin crew are generally more friendly and supportive than some of the other airlines I have used. As others, I really liked the $99 annual escort pass with the Alaska Air Cards. FC bookings on Alaska to Maui next fortnight. What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui?

I' ve tried to look for reward ticket choices... and I have the option to use my AA points in either Hawaiian, Alaska or American for some trips to Hawaii....... I' m conflicted with information about Alaska vs. Hawaiian carriage seating and what's better. We had bus places in Alaska last year, but we were able to spend $150 pp at the last moment to get into first-grade.

The bus took us back in Hawaiian and it seemed beautiful. Now I can see information about sitguru, but it doesn't really tell you how the fits are! Because we don't like to ride US AIrways because we think their seat is uncomfortable.....even on a 2-hour ride!!!! However, any common travellers who have used Alaska, Hawaiian and AA (757) to travel from the western shore to Hawaii have any opinion as to which has the "most comfortable" bus ride of all?

What are Alaskan airlines like to Maui? On our last journey we took Alaska Airlines First class to Maui. However we were updated for $100 per tick at check-in, so we did not fully cover the cost. I' ve never traveled with another carrier in first grade before, so I have no base for comparisons.

I have considered using the Alaska Airlines credential for flight first class with the $99 escort price in the near-term.

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