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Yogyakarta to Bali (Denpasar) Perth to Bali (Denpasar) Melbourne to Bali (Denpasar) Sydney to Bali (Denpasar) The most important airlines flying to Bali are Singapore Airlines, KLM and Korean Air. They can also connect Bali via Singapore, Hong Kong and other major Asian cities with Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Delta. The other airlines flying to DPS are China Airlines, Citilink, KLM, Korean Air, Lion Air, Virgin Australia, Wings Air and TransNusa.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean lies the island of Bali.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean lies the island of Bali. The Indonesian island is full of possibilities and surprises that make a perfect holiday possible. Those who want to recover from the stress of everyday life can relax and unwind in the island's top-class wellness resorts. Here you get to know to know the most important sights of the island without much effort.

If you would rather explore Bali on your own, you should definitely include the most beautiful temples in the country in your program. It belongs to the most important hindu sanctuaries of the island and impressiones by its size and its mystical construction. The temple Tannah Lot est l'un des temples les plus importants de l'île et convainc par son emplacement exceptionnel.

The temple stands in the middle of a rock directly on the coast. Malheureusement, but it offers a impressive scenery for a beautiful sunset. Bali a aussi beaucoup à offrir aux vacanciers actifs. Hikers apprécier les nombreuses montagnes et les volcans de Bali. Climbing a volcano is a special experience.

The Gunung Agung, qui peut être escaladé par les côtés sud et ouest, est particulièrement adapté à cet usage. The effort of the ascent is rewarded by a fantastic panoramic view from the top of the volcano. The east coast of the island is especially recommended for diving. The various possibilities to spend your time in Bali make this small island a popular holiday destination.

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Bali, the gem of Indonesia's 17,000 island, is located between Java and Lombok. Those who come to Bali are impressed by its pristine nature, with scenery that ranges from rough coastlines to glittering sun-drenched sands. Take, for example, the Hindu New Year Nyepi festivities, where the roads of Bali are flooded with beautiful portraits (Ogoh-Ogoh monsters) carried with pride by local people in full ceremony attire.

Sleep clubs and discos are always in fashion, with state-of-the-art lasers, lofty blankets and eversive rooms to keep you dancing through the nights. Off the beaten track, Bali is a haven for those looking for rejuvenation - after all, this is the Island of the Gods. What do you think the conditions are like in Bali?

Bali's weather is tropic with daytimes between 68 and 91 centigrade. During the rainy seasons from October to March. Summers (June to September) are the driest month, sunny weather is warm, but moisture does not matter. When' s the best fucking day to go to Bali?

Out of the drought period July and August are the most beloved and then the schools are over and groups make excursions around the Isle. It' s warm, but not as damp as the rainy year. During the rainy seasons (October to March) it is generally regarded as a low tourist period, but travellers who have nothing against air moisture can profit from lower rates and fewer people.

There is no constant downpour during these few month, usually the downpours begin in December and January. What is the best moment to make a booking for a Bali trip? The city is hugely loved by Australians and neighbouring nations, and during all the festival you will find that prices for flights to Bali are much higher.

Flexibility allows you to make comparisons several different times a year to find the best flights to Bali, but once you have fixed your schedule, the cheaper you are, the sooner you can make your flights to Bali. When' s the best fucking day to go to Bali? It'?s high season:

The August and September are the most tourist seasons, so the cost of airline ticket and lodging is rising dramatically year-on-year. In April and May it rains very little and the temperature is comfortable, so it is a good idea to fly to Bali at a lower one. Low season:

Between December and March there is a definite period of monsoons during which the air moisture increases and strong rainstorms occur frequently. The climate varies because the Bukit peninsula receives much less rains than the inland and the mountainous areas even during the monsuns. What's the duration of the Bali trip? Technically, the trip from the west coast of the United States to Bali takes about 11 to 15hrs.

But since you can't go directly to Bali, you should actually allow two full working days (remember that one of these will be the date you loose if you exceed the International Date Line). Take a flight through Singapore or Hong Kong and take the plane to Bali in four or five hour.

What airline companies operate flights to Bali? The main carriers to Bali are Singapore Airline, KLM and Korea Air. They can also connect Bali via Singapore, Hong Kong and other large Asiatic towns with Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Delta. Well, what kind of plane were you packing for to Bali?

Two words to consider when packaging for Bali are "tropical" and "casual". "Odds are you'll be spending most of your Bali vacation outside, so make sure you make the appropriate plans. Get highly effective protection - if you've ever had a scorch in your lifetime, the Bali Wave will scorch you - and don't miss the Moskito Protectant.

Nonchalant, stranded clothes is the name of the Bali name. The Ngurah Rai International Airport is located between Tuban and Jimbaran, 30 min from Denpasar, the island's administration and transportation junction. When the stand is shut, travellers can organise their own cab, but be ready to bargain and negotiate the fare before departure.

A number of hostels operate direct shuttles to and from the airports, so make sure you ask them beforehand as this will facilitate your transfer after your flights to Bali. Busses and mini trucks are also available, although they are overcrowded, offering a cheap option for price-conscious travellers. Remos (small delivery trucks with a fixed routine) and busses are cheap, although a bit slowly.

Bali, what's there to do? Although Bali may be a small islet, it is full of beautiful and adventurous places when you move away from the swimming pools in your own luxury resort. Whilst every Bali tourist (rightly) has plenty of free times on the beaches, you should look for ways to get out on the sea.

When you come in early in the year, you may come in good season for a little treat: And then everything is shut down altogether, without sound, without light and without humans on the roads, because the whole of Bali's inhabitants spend a whole days in contemplative self-reflection.

Among the notorious prisoners are Schapelle Leigh Corby, the Aussie condemned for drugs trafficking, Michael Loic Blanc, therench man condemned for drugs trafficking, and the Bali Nine drugs mafias. In Bali the atmosphere is cool, the landscape luxuriant and the fruits and vegetable are the best. Sydney and other Australia cities as well as Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong, where you can switch to flights to other Continents.

Common Bali travellers have a tendency to complain about taxi services, although they are the fastest available means of transport to Denpasar International Airports.

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