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M√ľnchen also has Uber, but according to what I have heard, MyTaxi is still preferred. It was a history that became a revolutionary one. Today we are the premier e-hailing application in Europe and available in over 70 towns in 11 states. Our subsidiary has more than 600 staff in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Poland, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Peru and Chile. Following the July 2016 Hailo fusion and the acquisition of the major Greek (Beat) and Romanian (Clever) cab-apps, we are now constructing Europe's premier cab-apps and creating a vision where new technology and businesses will revolutionize the way people move around.

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Anyway # Oli-6, Post 1, has given the perfectly answered to explaining what it is about Uber and MyTaxi in Germany. However, for Munich (similar to other major cities), the district tribunals have excluded this type of unlicensed traffic use. The MyTaxi is not another transportation operator, but nothing else than regularly licensed taxi services.

After joining MyTaxi, they are hoping for more clients through the MyTaxi call services and billing methods as well as drivers rating through the app. However, the vehicles are regularly licensed light-coloured taxis, and both the price and the services do not differ from driving or phoning a taxi the normal way.

The MyTaxi App's benefit is that you can see on your card in real-time who is next to you and call that person directly instead of depending on the telephone company. I deeply regret if this response cannot please you because it is not what you may have liked to have heard.

Hopefully, with your snot-nosed approach, the hospitality personnel don't speak fluent command of it. This is your opportunity to brag about your excellent knowledge of grammar and grammar. ?

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