6 Person Plane for Sale

6-person aircraft for sale

Bonanza had not been on his radar until he heard of a 1964 S35 sold in Helena. Come visit Globalair, they have an excellent area for the sale of aircraft. In July 1985, the Velocity prototypes were first flown as the first four-seater compound aircraft construction set on the basis of the Long-EZ.

In July 1985, the Velocity prototypes were first flown as the first four-seater compound aircraft set on the basis of the Long-EZ. A demonstration aircraft of the manufacturer (N81VA basic solid equipment, see picture above) has registered for well over 2500 operating time and has carried out exercises such as advanced flying instruction and demonstration flying. Velocity's aircraft building set was developed for the client, where lightness, endurance and easiness are considered to be the ultimate standards.

1997 we launched the Velocity XL (extra large). The Velocity gives the hull more width and length and offers space for Lycoming IO-540 and Continental IO-550 outboards. Velocity launched the V-Twin in 2012. Accessible to buy - from $65,000 for the SE with a mid-time motor, a 2-blade wood props and VFR instruments, to $125,000+ for an XL RG with all the quick building choices, brand new motor, M-T 3-blade steady velocity props, IFRS instruments, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Aerodynamic progressive construction with real 200+ km/h travel-speed. Unbelievable tilt and rolling resistance, sound impact feeling on the controls...flies like a "two-finger plane". Velocity is a real high-performance aircraft with the capability to make 1000 miles of off-roading at over 200 speed per hour ?le, which transports four grown-ups and luggage in absolute comfort .

The tail power unit puts behind you noises, turbulences from the propellers, motor warmth and exhaust gases and offers an ambience that can be compared to a state-of-the-art sport saloon. The front intakes provide a sufficient intake of cooling ambient temperature, which can also be warmed by the forward installed cooling unit. With advanced tread pattern technologies, neat cab interior contours and uncomplicated design, Velocity surpasses all other planes in its category é® in terms of fuel economy, power and ease.

Velocity provides the best performance at heights from 7000 to 12000 ft (higher for turbocharged engines) ã² ¯bably the best surroundings for operating convenience and efficiencies. Drivers can share the tasks of both drivers, and the Velocity's unbelievable strength and roomy dashboard make it an outstanding IFR podium. Featuring ultra -sharp steering and outstanding rigidity, the Velocity has been described as being rail mount, so you can enjoy long distance flying with minimum weight on the flyer, while still competing with the best of the two-seater sports aircraft.

The Velocity is as sure-footed as a trolley with its full-fledged nose wheel, 100" wheel base, 80" rail and oversized castors and brake. In 2003 the Velocity XL-5 (nicknamed á³Â 5à Â- became an Option to the XL-Kit. As well as all www.velocity.com/index. com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.com/index.pdf

Through the combination of tried and trusted construction technologies with a very comprehensive construction set, Velocity has become a global leader among pilots/builders. Velocity's demonstration drive will persuade you that we don't just provide you with a good aircraft, no hypes, no pie-in-the-sky demands.

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