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Which is why sometimes it's a lot less expensive to make a fake stopover.

Reserving a plane has never been so easy, thanks to the web. However, to understand why ticketing costs what it does is a puzzle to most people. This imbalance has recently been due to the case of ?kiplagged, a small fare list litigated at the end of last year by the United and Orbitz Giant because it showed the situation where it is actually less expensive to make longer flights than necessary, flights that go through your destinations and beyond to the terminus.

The contra-intuitive savings approach, known as "hidden cities", means you have to get off the aircraft at a stopover (i.e. where you actually want to go) even though your tickets are destined for the terminus. United and Orbitz, in their complaint, allege that the maker of ?kiplagged, the 22-year-old actuary Zaman, "deliberately and maliciously" interferes with their business by showing these results, which are erased by flight booking schemes, but which are not presented by carriers to travellers as useful itineraries.

Enterprises are demanding over $225,000 in compensation and want to have the results of Skiplag taken away. He said on Reddit and elsewhere that "what Skipplagged does is definitely not unlawful. "Even though issuing and using concealed city passes is not unlawful in the meaning that one could be fine or imprisoned by the federal authorities, it is not ethical and a violation of a passenger's contract," American Airlines wrote (which - as yet - does not take direct legal actions against Skiplagged).

However, most carriers believe that it should not be permitted because it poses security and logistics issues, as they can detain return aircraft while trying to find a traveller who never wanted to travel and have to scan the baggage of a non-consecutive one. The procedure for travellers does not require you to give up your baggage, otherwise it would land at the foreign endpoint.

Think of it as an aeroplane price hoe or hole, whatever it is, the concept of "hidden cities" - also known as "point beyond ticketing" - has actually been around for years, although it took ski-plagged to make it clearer. "It was always hard to find them before the ski-plagged, because you would have to guesswork the ultimate goal when you search on another website," Zaman wrote on Reddit.

In a way, the airline companies themselves did not leave the gap open. After the 1978 US Airline deregulation law of 1978, they began to move from simply distance-based fares to fares computed on a confusing variety of variable terms. Whilst there are some disagreements as to whether overall de-regulation has been good for passengers, it is clear that throughout the entire nation (on a per kilometre basis) air fares have since dropped significantly, by up to 50 per cent excluding the effects of priceincrease.

When tariffs are relatively cheap today, the calculation has become much more complex. "Airline companies use very elaborate algorithmic tools that involve a number of things: number of competing carriers in the air transport sector, flight times, number of seats, expected demands, whether hubs, weekends, days of the week, times of the days or weeks, the cost is purchased in excess of firstclass, economics, mileage, low cost, fuel costs (to name just a few factors).

" Basically, airline companies try to predict offer and request for each individual flight as well as possible and then evaluate it accordingly in order to be able to make a sale for the highest possible return. As a result, there is either discriminatory pricing or different pricing for the equal seats on an aircraft.

To make the traveler' s predicament even more complicated, one of Escobari's most recent surveys is how often airline companies adapt their rates and change them every single minute. Furthermore, in fixing their ticketing rates, carriers consider past purchasing behaviour on certain itineraries. So, if they see more passengers fly from one destination to another in Buses, say San Francisco to New York, they could put higher bus fare rates because they know that ordinary passengers are willing to do more.

Another aspect comes into the picture in the case of Skiplagged: carriers often evaluate certain itineraries in the knowledge that travellers are likely to be connected to another one. "David Gillen, head of the Transport Academy at the Sauder Business College in British Columbia, says the carrier will demand lower rates for those who travel in two stages because it receives cash from both," "That's what Skylagged uses.

" A number of computer specialists believe that airline companies should pass on more of their fare information to travellers, to include sustainable alternatives for "hidden cities". "Actual information (such as the rates associated with flights) should be accessible to everyone," says Oren Etzioni, chief executive officer of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, which previously established Farecast, an early on-line flight rate predictor purchased from Microsoft and kayaked.

"Naturally, carriers want to conceal this information, but the consumer deserves better," he added. "In view of the multiplicity of influencing price determinants, it would be difficult to tell the general purchaser how far fares are determined. "Whatever becomes of ski-plagged, the dispute around it has struck a pivotal chord in the contemporary fare market: some computer programmes price while others try to take it apart in quest of the best offers.

In fact, ITA Software, a Google-owned enterprise that operates the Orbitzer's own fare collection system, began as a joint venture of MIT civil engineers to find the lowest fares. In view of the wisdom with which Skipplagged implemented its own price strategy, Orbitz and the carriers may be better off to buy it than to try to smash it.

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