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The best offers around the world flights

In order to get a really good offer, you need to book further in advance. Are you looking for a great offer for world flights? Historically, travel plans to several different continents could have put your mind on multi-destination flights with different air companies, tariffs and other features. We are a truly comprehensive worldwide carrier network that has assembled a selection of the world's best-known airliners - American, British, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan, LAN, TAM, Malaysia, Qantas, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, S7, Sri Lanka and 30 more.

You can travel all the way with just one world pass. Fly around the world - the choice is endless! You may be interested in world flights and visit Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

This is how you make your flight reservations around the world: Think they' re deserving of purchase?

You want to travel to Europe or North America in your next vacation? What about if you add another continental part to your route - Europe plus North America, with a few stopovers in Asia - at about the same cost as a flight back to Europe? Keys to this magical gate are a Round the World (RTW) pass.

If you buy from the right vendor, the value of your ticket can be great, and it can cost a lot of money. Like Star Alliance and Oneworld, many carriers are selling the two major carrier partners. It is also possible to go to one of the aircraft locators and enter a multi-level route.

Tourist offices can arrange an RTV pass, and in Australia there is also a specialised tourist office, RoundAbout Travels, located in Adelaide, which does nothing but offer RTV tickets for sale. Which works best? When I put RWT Ticketing and Rates to the test, I queried several air traffic controllers for the following route, which apply to both economy and commercial seat:

As a rule, a single fare is 75 percent of the cost of the flight back. Compiling a route with one-way fares across three major airports will be very costly. Then I asked Roundabout Travel to calculate the same route. Flyin' economies at $2188. Airborne shop, the overall prize is $7218.

Trips in both categories are conducted aboard Thai Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, Lufthansa and Qantas. That means savings of more than $2,000 over the Star Alliance's best seat in full seat and nearly $3500 over the best corporate fares. It would be difficult to find a B. C. rate to Europe alone for $7218 on board luxury carriers, which is why Roundabout travel is selling as many B. C. tickets as it does economies.

"Oneworld and Star Alliance RTW ticketing works really well for those who want to make a six to twelve months journey with 10 to 12 stations to get the most out of their ticket, but there are far fewer of these travelers. Most of our customers travel four to eight week with two to five stations and are looking forward to traveling on another Continent.

" The value of an RTW fare compared to a regular fare is what this price structure gives, but not if you follow the direct fare method. One customer could begin with 10 towns where he wants to stop, for example he could travel all over Europe, and we will be the first to say: "Leave these five out.

You need to have your fingers on the pulse of the times to get the most out of an RTW pass and know what will work with your travel route, it's something you need to look at all the while. "It would be very uncommon to travel every section of an RTW route with only one carrier, which is another good excuse for selecting an operator to organize your ticketing.

"When you go to lmmigration you can switch a seating or air carrier, everything is under one reservation, so you have no trouble because they can see your starting point, the transaction is all in one place, you have a sheet of paper, your tickets, a reservations number and it simply facilitates all your trips.

And even if you fly with an RTW on board several different carriers, you'll never have to cross immigrants, pick up your pockets from the merry-go-round and board your connection when you change to another one. lf one plane is late, you're safe for the next.

" To understand the distinction between an Oneworld or Star Alliance ticketing and one that selects the carrier with the best offer for each industry, the number of stations you plan to make on each continental route is critical. "Travelers who buy an RTV travel pass usually want to travel on three different continents, with two to five stops," says Trim.

"You may want to make several stations on each of the continents, but you will be covering your long-haul flights with an RTVT. With a simple one-way fare, you have one stop on your way to Europe. One can say Bangkok or Singapore or Hong Kong on the road to Europe, one can have Singapore not followed by Phuket, Tokyo, Istanbul and Cairo.

"When you want to interrupt your trip, the more comprehensive RTW passes, such as those from Oneworld and Star Alliance, offer many more options. When One World and Star Alliance work in your favor, in-house fare is costly, such as in South America, where One World works particularly well.

This is a cheap fare if you want to make many stopovers on the mainland and want to fly. Sometimes there are three-month offers at a slightly lower rate, but in fact it is 12 of them. The journey takes place in one way per continents, so from Australia to the westward, the most favourite is Asia, followed by Europe and North America.

You can do some kind of tracking within a single continuum. It' not so much in North or South America, but it's possible in Europe. Does the airborne Premier Economics pay off?

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