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( formerly known as Public Carriage Office) licenses taxis and handles complaints. Der PCO - L'organe directeur de l'industrie de la location privée (PCO). Rent a Uber-readyPCO car today.

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To become one of London's licenced personal driver is a life-changing carreer, and this page contains all the information and advices that will facilitate the task of starting your new carreer in mini-cab commerce. Who is the Public Transport Authority? In London there are about 60,000 privately owned chauffeurs, 49,000 privately owned cars and about 2,800 privately owned landlords.

More than 3 million journeys are made each year with taxis and personal rental cars through London. All of them are licenced by TÜV or what we all know as Public Carriage Office (PCO). These bodies ensure that cars, driver and operator comply with the high requirements necessary to comply with regulations.

PCO is now also known as TfL Taxi and private Hire, which may describe in more detail what area they are operating in, but this page still contains all the information you need to get your licence. Please use the following information if you wish to directly address the public transport office:

To become a mini cab rider in London, you must submit an application to the PCO.

Cindex London Taxi and Rent a Car in London

Formerly known as the Public Carriage Office, it licenses and handles appeals against taxes. Is also involved in licencing and operating personal rental cars, as well as mini-cabs. There is information available about the London taxidriver learning curve and there is a listing of learningools. Requests for found objects are handled by the Transport for London Lost Property Office, Telephone:

Costs Taxi and personal rental requests and license fee can be found on the TPH website.

Barristers Taxi, London

It is the drivers' duty to present their driving licences at all time and to provide the number on request. When Hackney Carriage Laws have been violated, a rider can be examined. Regulations relating to refusing a ticket are clear; a chauffeur must, unless he has a valid apology, agree to any rental up to a 12 mile journey (20 mile from Heathrow Airport) or an hour's journey, provided the final point is within Metropolitan or City area.

This measure can differ in its severity, from a first alert to the withdrawal of the driving license. Taxis, especially in London, can take a lot of qualifying practice to obtain a taxis certificate. Taxicab Defense Barristers are a specialized staff with expert knowledge in the rejection of taxis and revocations.

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