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Booking flights with multiple airlines

Benefit from the advantages of fare sales by taking a cheap flight to the airport from which the sale is made. Individual itinerary, multiple airlines on Expedia (luggage) - Air Travel Forum I made a reservation with Expedia last months and my route had several stopovers with several airlines. I understood that as long as you have a one way route, you can verify your pockets to your ultimate destinations. During a stopover, the pockets had to be complained about and checked again until the endpoint.

It was not only luggage charges that were levied, but also the period between flights made it very unpleasant. Expedia was my call to make a complaint, and the impolite account managers (and their manager) kept stressing that they had nothing to do with the pockets. There was a legitimate suspicion that if I book a route with them, my pockets would be taken to their ultimate destinations.

Please, can you give me advice on possible actions, because with a stay of 1:24 hours on the way back of this route I do not see how this can happen. The Expedia wasn't helping at all, and I wish I could tell a client/consumer commission or something.....

Well, I don't know what you mean by "individual itinerary." Once you bought your tickets, your contracts were with the airlines. This is between you and the airlines. Individual route means "one ticket" Not sure if you are working for Expedia, but if you are reading my article, you will see that I not only complained about the charges, but also that the pockets had to be inspected, reclaimed and re-inspected.

Only to show that you may not know what you're referring to, they phoned the carrier later and I was right. What airlines did they call if you used several airlines, or did you think you only used two airlines? There were two airlines (on one ticket/route). The airlines phoned the original carrier and said that they would control the bag until it reached its ultimate goal.....

What would you do if you had "several airlines" on one flight? There are one or more stopovers, so one carrier will take you to the first stop and another will take you from there to the next stop or to your ultimate stop. If you have a single pass, but there are two or more airlines on that one pass that will take you to different stations.....

Expedia has sent me an e-mail to take me to the airports just in case the air carrier does not approve of checking the end destinations. If this means that you are staying anywhere for 24h during your journey back home, then it is highly unlikely that your pockets will be screened.

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