Classics Assault Aerobike After paving the way to bring the Airbike to the elite fitness area, our genuine Assault AirBike classics are best known for building love-hate relationship with those brave enough to try it out. Like all Assault bikes, the AirBike is made of the highest grade and most long-lasting forgings. Exercise at home on the Assault AirBike...

. and take your power to the next step! As we were on our way to designing the Assault AirBike, we knew that the incorporation of seal chambers into every rotating and motion part was an imperative and were more than a little bit upset when the number was 20.

The Assault Classic features seven on-board programmes to suit your moods and is coded to take you to the extreme. Ranging from a highly competitive table tennis intermission meeting to setting up your own training program using your own energy, distances, time and/or pulse rates. Assault Workouts meet this temptation by increasing your drag automaticly as you press, drag and kick at greater speeds and strength.

The Assault can actually offer practically limitless training.

Attack Airbike

Set up a rogue bank to buy now with Rapid Checkout, store your payments, see and keep track of your orders and much more. "4 "4" Eventually, a rugged home trainer developed directly from athlete and coach input. Assault AirBike re-invents and revises almost all components of the classic Fanbike, from the chassis to the handle, foot controls, monitors and much more.

LifeCORE Fitness's highly skilled staff in Carlsbad, California, is developing and testing the range in the USA. The Assault AirBike adjusts itself to how tough you want to work with the help of drag. For upright bicycles and rowing machines see the page rogue endurance machines. Attack draft shield: What is great about the Assault AirBike is that it can work for a novice, a rehab enthusiast or an expert professional at the highest level of performance - regardless of sports, physique or ambitions.

Whereas fan bikes have been in existence for almost half a century, advanced designs and functions have become more and more popular with army, professional and university sport crews, bikers and Sprinter riders as well as high-performance sportsmen from the range of athletic trainings. Amid the era of smart phones and tables, an old-fashioned, bulky gym biking screen is just not enough.

Assault AirBike's state-of-the-art liquid crystal displays are still simple to use at the touch of a simple switch, but your customisation possibilities - from on-board programmes to immediate, multifaceted monitoring responses - are virtually unlimited. Exercise users can keep up with their pulse rates, speeds, rpm, times, energy consumption and more. Thanks to the AirBike's 20 hp electrical engine and meticulously tuned dynamometer, even Watt can be accurately controlled.

Not only will you experience the impact of a good training session, you will also be able to see the scientific behind it in action. Throwing away many of the old fixed bicycle production techniques, LiveCORE concentrated on a high-performance new bicycle of the 21 st centuries that could cope with everyday misuse in the best fitness studios in the globe.

Every bicycle is fitted with a thick chromium-moly stainless stell chassis, with at least 1-2 gasketed cartridges in EVERY individual fulcrum - from the wheels and wheels to the bottom brackets and articulated arm. In total there are over 20 camps, which are not reached by most fitnessbikes of the branch. No matter whether you practice in a garages or run your own large facilities, the AirBike's silent riding and versatile features make it a great accompaniment to some of the industry's top stamina sports equipment, as well as important Rogue conditioner such as Rogue Medballs, the SR-1 Speed Rope and the WiseCrack AbMat.

Assault AirBike comes with everything you need for easy, rapid installation. 6 Free rogue mail order! The Rogue order guarantees a rapid, safe and reliable AirBike shipment from our stock in Columbus, OH, at no extra cost. Your parcel sends cargo, and the Rogue Shipment System allows you to keep tracking your order from the moment you place it to the moment it reaches your dock.

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