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Largest selection of long-haul flights offered at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. Make multistop flights to one city and from another. How can I get cheap tickets and flights with open jaws and multiple legs?

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Hello, New York to New York (with side trips to Niagra Falls), then Las Vegas (with side trips to Grand Canyon), then Orlando and back to New York. I' m familiar with open end flying, but I don't seem to be able to get this combo. It may be less expensive, however, to opt for a simple open-jaw (MAN-NY and Orlando-MAN) and operate your domestic flights with low-cost carriers.

I' d estimate that for a summers journey the route you suggest would be about 800 pounds cheaper while you should be able to get an open chuck for about 400 pounds apiece, less if there is a sell. Then you would have to look at the domestic fares and see what is better.

It' really a journey to New York, Las Vegas, Orlando and back to the city. Even easier still, going to New York and then Orlando to the city. The Niagara Falls are near Buffalo, NY, which is at least 8 hours by car from NYC, or a quick domestic plane ride. You' re not going to fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

This part will either drive you OR take a bus ride. There are Scenic flights from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, but whether they can be integrated into a multi-stop scheduled airline ticketing system is a matter of debate. I' d suggest their Grand Canyon/Monumet Valley combination trip. In my eyes, the latter is just as spectaculous as the Grand Canyon.

Hello, if JFK is your point of entry and exit from Manchester, you can take a look at You have flights from JFK to Buffalo/Niagra Fall, Las Vegas and Orlando. Concerning the Grand Canyon........... you would have to hire a vehicle or take a coach trip from Las Vegas, as the answer to the question before showed.

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