Maxi Taxi Cost

Maximum taxi costs

What does a taxi cost in Singapore, Singapore? Premier Cabs taxi fare calculator. The Premier Cabs offer a range of services including regular cabs, estate cars, maxi, as well as luxurious cars and a prestigious range of services. Premier Cabs website also provides a taxi rate converter with which you can get an estimate taxi rate to your suggested destinations. Default Taxi, are the kind of taxi that performs the bulk of the taxi rides within our fleets.

The taxi can take up to 4 people. When booking, you may also wish to order a prestige car at the same rate as a regular taxi-rate. Call us at 13 28 24 to make a prestige booking. It is best to rent a Kombi or a Maxitaxi for taxi to and from the airports.

It' s best to verify the taxi fares machine before driving to the destination so that you can get the cash with the cost estimates. Remember that there are toll and Flughafengeb├╝hren (airport charges) which may be due according to your itinerary to the destination. Even if the transport is poor, the price may well be higher than the estimation.

As a rule, maxi taxis are a High Ace from Toyota or a Sprinter from Mercedes Benz, which can accommodate up to 11 people and up to two wheelchairs according to the car. It is best to reserve a taxi in advance as this car model is in great use on Fridays and Saturdays.

Customers only need to call 02 886845555555 and give the taxi an additional period of travel to get to where they are, as taxi services are available on request on these dates. Additional costs exist for obtaining a taxi that can carry more than four people and you should add at least 50% more to the Maxi quote.

We have a taxi rate calculation for your comfort to perform the calculations. This taxi tariff computer, also known as a taxi tariff appraiser, asks you for information about the precise pick-up point and return point. The taxi rate converter enables persons who book on-line to find out the approximate price of the ticket for their destinations.

If you download our application, you can use the Taxi Tariff Calculator anywhere - for free!

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