Luxury Private Airplanes

Deluxe private aircraft

are very formal and very private. Designed for exotic and luxurious use. Join the guy photographing luxury planes for the super-rich.

It' a beautiful part of the variation, surely, but $1 billion is only going to see you fly in a Gulf Stream or a Cessna or another tricky not-to-write house-over-jet. To the kings of the Gulf State and a fistful of oligarchs, "rich" means something completely different. Track has made a careers out of taking pictures of the airplanes of the Superelite.

Initially educated in landscaping by Ansel Adams, Gleis has entered the world of aerial photography almost by chance. He' been doing this for more than 30 years and has taken pictures somewhere near 1,000 airplanes. Hey, Nick, tell me what you like about airplanes. I don't mind airplanes.

Well, I don't see planes as anything but a bit of transport. The only thing I find is that the interior of business jets allows me to take my photographic skills one stage further. I mean that when you get into an Executive jet, its qualities go beyond what ordinary people really understand.

A business plane can have practically everything on it - everything that a special building, flat or lock has in it. Think of your dinner on the floor, which you probably can't lift, but in these airplanes you can lift one with each of your hands. Aeroplanes must have the same ambiance and the same functions, except that everything must be light and of a level of performance that can almost only be seen with a telescope.

I worked for a photo firm in Burbank, California, about 30 years ago. They had a Boeing 727-100, into which they installed an Executive Interieur. My firm received the order to take photos of my work every two working days.

A year or two will pass before these planes are ready, and in the end they will need photographs of the end work. From then on, you became the luxury airplane type? No, I saw that this was a constant chance, and so I started a business from LAX called Garrett AiResearch, which was one of the biggest complex centres in the whole wide area.

They' ve done the interior of about 40 airplanes a year. So, you invited yourself into the gig, but you say you don't give a damn about airplanes. Rather be one of a million marriage shooters or would you like to be one of three airplane shooters? What has been happening to the aviation sector is that it has become increasingly consumerist.

Aeroplanes of the saudic king's house are very objective. You are very kind, don't get me wrong, but you don't have the atmosphere that brought designer in the 80' and 90' into the 747'. Well, I think the really wealthy are generally very kind folks. For example, the Cardassians are very wealthy, but they are not as wealthy as the wealthy I work with.

Well, the wealthy ones I face are very solemn and very private. You think it' warm to fly around in your little Gulfstream plane, but you have no idea what it's really like. I' ve built a ton of planes for celebrities. Those guys who run his planes are my customers, and he always asked, "Hey, how are you?" and said, "Good to see you.

" He is a private man, but he is always very courteous and takes his sweet moments. I wouldn't be dealing with some insane tyrant.

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