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The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) features a large living room, master bedroom, second bedroom/meeting room, three toilets and a spacious kitchen. Quick Quote Executive Jet Charter price comparison service from thousands of jet operators saves you time and money. Business Jet Charter The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) has a large lounge, a main room, a second bedroom/meeting room, three toilets and a large kitchen. In addition, this airplane has a luggage compartment of over 500 cbm. At this time of world trade, world market players need to continue to travel comfortably, be productively on the move, and achieve business goals in a fresh and relaxing way.

The BBJ fulfils these requirements with almost three twice as much cabin room as the competitor at a similar cost and a cruising distance of more than 6,000 sea miles. The BBJ is the ideal choice for the most demanding of passengers. Convenience like a roomy Executive Suites with a queen-size berth that gives you a good night's serenity. All the conveniences of the house allow you to comfortably get together, enjoy meals, sleeping and dining... and be sure that you will reach your goal fresh and prepared for work or enjoyment.

Length of cabin: 79.3 ft. Width of cabin: 10.6 ft. Height of cabin: 7.0 ft. Luggage storage:

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That' luxurious trips on your own terms. Our 24/7 Personal Fellowship guarantees that every detail is tailor-made for you, from the design of your airplane to your onboard assignment. Therefore, ease of use, convenience and top of the line performance of Paramount gloves are the standards on every single Paramount itinerary.

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