Small Luxury Jets

Luxury small jets

THE MOST LUXURIOUS SMALL JETS IN THE WORLD Some really impressing luxury jets exist that the very rich own. There is space for 2 persons in cosy, confortable sittings. This is a twin-jet commercial aircraft. This is the largest of the length and width jets and is very luxury and at the same time the quickest of all luxuryjets.

It can also go higher than the other available personal jets and can go up to 8000 long distances, another long range aircraft, the Golfstream G550 is a very high speed 18 seat aircraft with four residential areas. The aircraft can cover a range of 6,750 sea-mile non-stop.

Over $60 million to buy this airplane. At Airbus we build many privately owned jets that can be up to $110 million. ACJ319 is a company jets, which offers space for up to 8 persons. Ideal for the businessman who also has to fly and do busines. When you choose the V.I.P. Personal Edition, you get a glider that also has a meeting room and/or dinner room.

Boeing Business Jet 3 can carry up to 46 people. There is a large stateroom area, along with a master suite, dinning area, living room and teachers' room. Embraer Lineage 1000E has a 10,000 ft booth area. The purchase of this aircraft will put you back at least $53 million.

When you want to go to sleep in comfort, this is the right airplane for you. In addition to luxury seating, it also has a separate master suite and en-suite bath. Embraer's advantage is that it offers many cab interior configurations with 5 cab zone on board: the Bombardier Global 7000 can accommodate up to 10 passengers in comfort.

It is a commercial aircraft with luxurious but stylish furnishings and a large, fully functioning kitchen. It also has a cab entertaining system with a large picture TV. The Dassault Falcon 900 is another luxury company aircraft produced privately in France. That airplane can go very quickly, almost up to 600 km/h.

It' s quite astonishing how many small luxury jets are on the scene today. We' ve only been discussing some of the most luxury jets there are. All of them have functions that can be used by businessmen or just affluent citizens who want to go with a sense of taste.

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