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Mono-engined aircraft for sale

There are hundreds of Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Beechcraft and other aircraft for sale. New Mooney and Diamond aircraft are sold as well as a complete range of used single and twin piston and light turboprop aircraft. Sadly, there is no such thing as a good, all-encompassing single-engined aircraft. Don't buy an aircraft until you have completed your pilot training.

Marketplace of the 21. century for buying and selling your airplanes online

Making the purchase and sale of airplanes as pleasant as the flight. Aware of the problems facing both purchasers and vendors of airplanes, we want to become better. Our company is made up of pilot, owner and enthusiast who know the challenge of purchasing and marketing used aircrafts. AN-2 is one of those planes.

Real flying with instrumentation, i.e. safer flying through reference to instrumentation of the plane alone, which lag several centuries behind the evolution of airplanes. Purchasing a privately-owned aeroplane or rotor can be a challenging task, but it shouldn't be. We' ve developed the industry's leading web-based solution that makes it easy than ever to connect purchasers and vendors of personal jets, choppers and other used equipment.

Visitors can buy and buy anything that is flying on our website - we even have ultra -light aircraft and floatplanes for sale. We are the right place to buy and buy all types of personal aircraft.

Soon available: OD50-V Be unique!

Feel the business-class feel of the roomy DA50 with the biggest single engine passenger cab of any single engine reciprocating jet. DA40 NG is a single engine lightweight aeroplane fitted with an AE 300 engine. Convenient and straightforward, this plane is specially conceived for pilots new to flying and for flying instructors. The DA40 Tundra Star is a single-engine, four-seater, four-seater, all-in-one tundra that gives you the flexibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want and however you want.

The DA20 is a single-engine, two-seater aircraft that impresses with its ergonomic design and its flying pleasure. You will be so excited about the quality of the trainers that you might want more of them. The HK36 Super Dimona is a single-engine, two-seater, gliding machine that is perfectly suited for gliding practice and drag, and is regarded as unbeatable in versatility, user-friendliness, robustness and economy.

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Flightline aviation strives to spare our customers precious times, monies and disappointments. With over 35 years of aerospace industry expertise, we know the exact nature of the businesses you are involved in and can offer you the best possible solution to get the most out of your investments.

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