Round the World Travel Planner

Travel planner around the world

Around the world travel planner Adding one of our MultiFLEX date stamp passports gives you limitless flexibility when you board the next plane, no matter where in the world you are. Contact a travel expert to begin your world tour plan or browse down to learn more about packaging the lowest Round the World rates. We are not speaking of parachuting here, although this is a must on your circumnavigation of the world. Emerirates will set you down for passage in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, while if you are flying eastwards with Cathay Pacific you are likely to change your flight in Hong Kong. Departures between Tuesday and Thursday are often less expensive than weekend departures.

Contact your Travel Expert to help you estimate the right amount of travel so that you can travel at the best tariff. Approximately ten to eleven month's in advance reserved flight are usually the most favorable - the nearer they come to your requested date of take-off, the more steeply they become. Make your travel reservation as early as possible to make sure you get the best value for your budget and you can complete it with just one £49 payment.

That' all the more reason for you to save for your year on trips around the world! Have a look at our best Around the World tours to get some idea, or look for great value flight deals below to find the best rates for the destination that interests you. Include your journey around the world with a 49 pound down payment, include a MultiFLEX card if you want versatility, if you' re flying from place to place, get your own policy and get your pocket!

If I am not sure about certain travel arrangements, what happens? During a world tour, the STA traveler changes his data fivefold. Because, if your tickets are qualifying, you can buy an exclusively valid multi-FLEX passport starting from 29 pounds... One of them gives you the liberty to contact us and modify the details of your next travel....

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