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TO BUY THIS SLOWLY HELICOPTER. Buy from the world's largest selection and best deals on helicopters. Getting a helicopter for your own use: Five things you need to know when you buy a helicopter.

Purchasing a helicopter is simpler and less expensive than you can possibly think. A helicopter has many advantages associated with ownership, life is a hundred leagues from your home and always early to work. Liberty is the major benefit of having a helicopter. Privately owned in the UK, you can travel to Devon and back to London without stopping to fill your tank.

Photos of choppers that stopped even decorate the wall of this place. State-of-the-art helicopter design has more quiet and effective power plants, with progressive glas cabin design that offers less distraction to the pilot. At the Elite meeting in London, Airbus Helicopters' Ed Sale reacted to GQ and gave an inside look at how to buy a privately owned helicopter.

Are you going to be the flight attendant or the plane driver? Most of those who own a helicopter are aviators, which means that they themselves are flying, just like the vast majority who own a helicopter. Privately owned or those who own a helicopter and are flying themselves tend to favour the practical and less cumbersome design. Larger ones are usually reserved for commercial flyers, while the owner sits in the back.

These mid-range choppers also have administration skills, but are great to use. A larger airplane means more piloting skill and knowledge. When you look at larger scale model airplanes, such as the AgustaWestland A109 with more advanced instruments, you need a pro-flyer. The next thing you need to do if you are going to become your own flight instructor is to select a flight training center.

Many flight academies will be issuing a Private Pilot License PPL(H), but getting referrals from friend who own airplanes is an awesome suggestion. Locating the flight academy is critical - and if possible, it should be on-site - because at least 45 hour sessions over a 12 month time span are needed.

It should be sufficient to meet your testing, examinations, flight lessons, medicine, gear and airport charges. When you complete your apprenticeship with Heli Air, one of the UK's biggest Robinson helicopter dealers, you are expecting £8,000. They can extend your qualifications around Formationsflug and Nachtflug - you have the option.

Designs, capacities and manufacturers define the prices. Giorgio Bendoni, Head of Sales and Marketing Giorgio Bendoni says that first-time purchasers can select between the two-seater, single-piston Robinson R22 and the two-seater, eight-seater AgustaWestland Grand according to the degree of budgetary agility. As a general idea, a helicopter is very costly - but some types are less costly than a Lamborghini.

Robinson R44 is the world's most popular helicopter, but costing only $350,000, half of which is second home. However, some choppers require more service than others, so even if they are offered at a lower rate, you will still be spending more on service in the long run. Service is critical to the life and power you get from your helicopter.

Airplane builders usually provide similar types with a small change in styling and power. As a rule, cheap choppers are smaller, which restricts the number of persons they can transport, their refueling capability and thus their range. Good choppers should be able to handle your passengers and cover a reasonable range without having to stop every half hours to fill up.

The H125 is a medium-range helicopter that can fly 300 to 350 mph or two and a half flying hour without gas. Because mid-range choppers, like automobiles, can go long without refuelling, you should take a few breaks after a few ours to reduce tiredness.

Choosing the best fit for your needs? It'?s a good thing if you have a fighter pilots. Pilots will not listen to your call with your guests. On the other hand, an Airbus is a better alternative if you are the driver, as everyone is there. Put in simple terms, the selection of the cabin should correspond to the helicopter's use.

Some clients will disregard rugs, but if you shoot on a pitch in cold weather, you don't want to bring dirt over your untouched helicopter. London airfields are restricted. To land on the top of a high-rise is a phantasy that won't do.

Strict restrictions are placed on sound protection, which limit helicopter routes. Places to go outside London include Elstree, Denham, Biggin Hill and Northolt. Searching for London airfields will be much simpler if you get a helicopter pilot. There is a complete listing of airfields throughout the UK and their telephone numbers in the manual.

You will find some useful words if you plan to own a helicopter: The VFR (Visual Filtering Rules) means that you have to keep an eye on the floor. The VFR two-seater reciprocating VFR is a base helicopter. The ILS (Instrument Landing System) is the system you log into to get on the floor.

Communications use a sound cancelling capsulehead. It is not available on all choppers. Airbus H160 is a new, slim helicopter designed for commercial and residential use. The new helicopter is more powerful and the first civilian all-composite helicopter planned for 2018.

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