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The country, which stretches over North and Central America, is famous for its mystical Mayan temples, Caribbean sea and beautiful landscapes. The country, which stretches over North and Central America, is famous for its mystical Mayan temples, Caribbean sea and beautiful landscapes. To find out the best time to travel for your holiday, you need first to know what region you want to be in. México there is the rainy season and hurricanes that can put a spoke in your wheel, especially from July to October.

In general, however, the temperatures are between 22 and 32 °C throughout the year (depending on the region). Because of its size, Mexico has more than 1,800 airports. The main airports, which together handle 90% of the country's flights, are Mexico City, Cancún, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, Acapulco, Veracruz, Puerto Vallarta and Hermosillo. Selon has an international airport, le Mexique dispose toujours d'un aéroport international selon la région de vacances souhaitée.

You have problems to limit yourself to one holiday region ? You could also extend your dream vacation in Mexico and travel further south to Central America. Both Belize and Guatemala vous attendent aussi avec des vacances inoubliables et une nature à couper le souffle. The prices on this page are only the estimated lowest prices found in the last 45 days.

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It'?s high season: Holidays to Florida (the south part of the state) are mainly from October to April. Orlando's amusement park is bustling throughout the year, with the highest summits taking place during holidays, inclusive of springs and summers. Summers are the main seasons in North Florida. Flanders continues to be a favorite vacation spot for springs, and these few working days are very bustling, as are long vacation getaways.

Low season: It is the low saison in North Florida. For good reasons Florida is known as Sunshine State. No wonder so many Canadians are escaping the freezing temperatures and flying to Florida. Juan Ponce de León, the discoverer of the Spain, gave the name La Florida to the island, which means "flowery land".

" More than 1,600 kilometres of shore, it is not surprising that Florida is a top tourist resort for travelers looking for waves and sands. In the South there are some of the most beautifull sandy areas in the world: Florida has all the essential amenities for your next Florida vacation.

Miami's South Beach claims to be "the world' s most cool place" for a journey with incomparable nighlife, but the remainder of Florida is not a pussy when it comes to celebration and is served by many major internationels. An inexpensive flight to Fort Lauderdale shows six coastal townships equipped with many pubs and nightclubs.

Almost two out of three baseball players in the majors make Florida their home for early-warning. Grand Liga Athletics are a large part of Florida all year round, with NFL soccer, NBA basketball and two NHL ice hockey crews phoning the state at home. South of the state is a sub-tropical region and north is hot and moderate.

From October to April it is warm and the air in Orlando is low with low humidities pointing southerly. Summers in Zentralflorida and Southflorida are warm and stuffy with rainstorms. In North Florida, winters generally have mellow weather with juvenile temperature (Celsius). Florida has a June to November storm and there is a high chance that large hurricanes will pass.

Dependent on the travel distances, it may be a better choice to book cheaper home travel to Florida. The Florida is ideal for cycling tours. Even though cycling is not advisable in the towns, there are cycle tracks along the coast and long distances in mainland Florida. Florida is also flat: its highest point is 105 meters above sealevel.

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