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Wellcome to McGoon's Taxi Co. 4400 S University Dr. - Tijuana Taxi Co., Tijuana - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews

Excellent meal and excellent cuisine. Tijuana Taxi was open when I had to collect my niece at 23 o'clock and needed a place for a dinner!

It was a great meal, the server was really great and really good. The personnel were kind. Excellent meals at reasonable rates, with a good looking cafeteria. These are mostly tacos and such, but the rips are very good and the hen too, the personnel is good and the place is well-tended. Request your entry for free to reply to ratings, refresh your profiles and more.

Rochester, MN Restaurants - McGoon's Taxi Co Pub and Restaurants

McGoon's Taxi Co. Welcome to McGoon's Taxi Co. Situated in the historical Olmsted County Bank & Trust complex in Rochester, MN, inner city, this exclusive public & private establishment offers a full range of menus including local favourites (our award-winning Fish-N chips are shown on the right) and contemporary cuisine. Offering the widest range of beers in the region, with imported, small brewed and domestic brews, the fully equipped bars and exquisite dining are complemented by an welcoming ambience and welcoming services.

McGoon's Taxi Co., originally a company of Howard A. McGoon and his wife, was founded in 1920 as a coach and sight-seeing business. Finally, new Packard cabs were launched in the 1940s and 1950s to service Rochester and nearby areas. Photographs and mementoes decorate the wall and give you an insight into the story of Rochester through the life of the McGoon people.

No matter if you are a local or just travelling through, you are sure to appreciate the great cuisine, beverages and welcoming ambience at McGoon's Taxi Co. Give away your meal, drink and laugh with a McGoon's & Goonie's voucher.

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