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When you ask an Argentinian or someone who has been living in BA for a while, taxis are exorbitantly expensive; don't worry, that's just inflation talk! What is the cost of a taxi in Buenos Aires, Argentina? There are plenty of taxis in most of Argentina's major cities. BUSENOS IS BY NO MEANS DANGEROUS, BUT THERE ARE SMALL THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TRAVELLING WITH TAXIS IN ARGENTINA.

Taxis in Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

Take a taxi in Buenos-Aires

Calling a taxi is simple! Only to be on the front seat passengers side of the road, look for a taxi with the free of charge orange lights in the top right of the windscreen and then stretch out your arms. Whilst most cabs are okay, it is best to look for a radio taxi that you can recognize by the "Radio Taxi" emblem on the top or side of the vehicle.

Although the chances are good that you are okay in any taxi, Radio Taxi will register all its taxi riders and every trip, thus lessening the likelihood that your taxi rider is trying to cheat you (for more security tips, see below). When you drive to the airports, your hotels will probably make a draw for you, as they often specialise in fixed-price trips.

Giving them the crossroads, not the precise addresses, and having an inkling of where you're going will help. When you are concerned about your level of proficiency in your language, please note the street name and/or your street name on a piece of information and show it to your guide. Fasten your seat belt, because taxi trips can be savage!

Again, avoiding unpleasant experience by taking a radio taxi or making a draw in advance. Prevent this from happening by beckoning a taxi in your driving directions and trying to make the itinerary more or less comfortable. This is the most frequent thing to look for, but if you want to know more about taxi opportunity managers, you should have a look at this Landing Pad BA paper.

When you ask an Argentinian or someone who has been in BA for a while, cabs are extremely pricey; don't be afraid, that's just talk of price increases! Arriving by taxi is quite cheap. To get an estimation of how much your trip will prematurely costs, visit the Viajo en Taxi website.

The Easy Taxi is an iPhone and Android iPhone that lets you call a taxi. It will locate the taxi near your site (as GPS determines) and then send you information about your drivers, complete with name, photograph, telephone number and vehicle number. Track the taxi's position on a chart, which will help you find a secure taxi.

Please find our interviewee here and send an e-mail to Dario to ask for an aerodrome shuttle at You can call a regular radio taxi with Taxi Premium at (54-11) 5238-0000. Be sure to give them the location where and when you need the taxi. Arriving at Ezeiza International Airport, try to prevent any problem by reserving a taxi from an authorized taxi service such as Taxi Ezeiza.

Taxi Ezeiza's taxi stand is inside the Ezeiza International Airports, directly opposite the arrival points, and your taxi will be reserved and payed for before you leave the terminals. Don't say yes to anyone who offers a taxi that isn't at an offical stand - Ezeiza is the only place you shouldn't even trust them.

When you get closer to the stand and give them the location where you live, you can either make the payment in advance or at the end of your trip, but the fare will definitely be a flat one. From February 2015, with Taxi Ezeiza, a taxi should be between $400 AR$ (between $30 and $48, which depends on the currency you use).

Find out more about security in Buenos Aires by reading our security tips or learn more about taking a taxi with you on the Argentina hike. Safer travels too!

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