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Does a murderous cab driver kill people in his cab?

In Nigeria (or Zambia, or New York City, among others) a cab driver takes his cab to collect casualties. Danger of photo online sharing became manifest in a February 2018 joke in which community members share an non-identified male picture, claiming that he is a homicidal cab driver.

Early repetition of the article, on February 4, 2018, came from a Facebook member in Nigeria who posted: Contribution was paired with a photo of the suspected assailant: The website The Sambian Observer did claim, however, that he was Congo in a contribution in which he was accused of having committed several murders:

The man in the photo is John, he runs a 2465 ALC taxi license number, passes through the city of Susaka and takes away humans to murder and take away personal parts. While Zambia borders the Democratic Republic of Congo, in December 2017 tens of millions of Congolese exiles made their way to Zambia to avoid violent conflict in their own countries.

Others iterated the contribution, placing the man in Freeport, Jamaica; Washington D.C.; Toledo, Ohio; and New York City, where some welfare professionals published the image and the initial caption by saying, "My boyfriend from the DA'S Brooklyn Bureau just sent me this. Speaking for the prosecutor's offices Brooklyn said that they know "nothing" about the character in the image or the accusations.

But, as so often in online networks, consumers share the assertion and admit that they have no clue as to whether or not they serve to disseminate misinformation: Zambia PD was also approached for a response, but we hadn't received any comments at the moment of publishing. That the allegation covers several continent and lands suggests that this is a misleading rumour, as does the assertion by the Sambian observer that the man committed "ritual murders".

Had this man murdered Brooklyn (or Toledo, or Washington D.C., or Freeport et al.) citizens, and if the prosecution had his photo, it would have been featured in the big U.S. papers, the cops would know about it, and officials would have issued warns. Answer added to the prosecutor's office Brooklyn.

Answer added to the police of Toledo.

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