Calling a Cab in Rome

Call a taxi in Rome

If you call (or someone calls) a taxi in Rome, you will receive the ID of the taxi coming to you. Rome shuttle to/from Fiumicino airport, Ciampino and the port of Civitavecchia, Ostia. Hotel or B&B would be willing to call your first taxi of the day for you.

Roma Taxi

How can you best take a cab in Rome when you are not near a cab rank - telephone, apartment, something else?" city=Rome-Italy&lang=en is generally correct when it comes to estimate taxis? I never had any trouble getting a cab in Rome. You will find many taxis and, if there is no taxis, you can stop a cab with the lights on, just like here.

Your B&B or your local hotels would be ready to call your first cab of the night for you. Last I was in Rome, I searched for cabs on the street a few places and never saw a cab with lights passing by. Uber was successfully deployed in Rome when we couldn't find a cab rank.

A few tourists cards of a hotel or TI office show taxis or maybe Google "Taxis in Rome"? Get to a cab rank. As soon as the car exits the booth, the counter will start so that the counter will be charged a fee upon arrival. Downlaod the Taxicab application. Use the MyTaxi application - it is currently on everyone's lips, and more and more cab users are beginning to stick to its networks, especially because it is so simple for overseas travelers to use.

Number 3 ) is currently the most widely used, so you have better chance of getting a cab when you need it without having to queue. I am more interested in being able to find one when I walk around during the days than in beginning from a familiar place in the mornings. We live a few block from Piazza dell' Indipendenza, which looks like a cabistand.

Is there a dilemma figuring out a cab around 8:30 or 9:00 in the mornings? On another bulletin boards, a good old friends from Rome says: "Use the Italian taxis application, better than Mytaxis in Rome. I can' trust my cab. About is only overblack and cost about twice as much as a normal cab.

When we were in Rome in 2015, we used iTaxi and had no problem.

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