Cost to Charter a Plane to Europe

Costs of chartering an aircraft to Europe

Whether you believe it or not, a charter flight to Europe can actually be a wiser business decision than flying with a commercial airline. Chartering a Privatjet Aircraft in Australia and Beyond The charter of privately owned jets is a burgeoning development in Australia aerospace. No matter if you want to charter a fast plane from Sydney to Melbourne or a luxurious cruise ship to the United States, here is all you need to know. Said David Mackey, CEO Light Operations Officer of Light Operations Charter (an on-line charter brokers for personal services), that his clients will use a chartered plane for week-end excursions between states, daily excursions to large and small capitals, and even journeys to other parts of the world, without restrictions on how long or how close the journey can be.

A round voyage from Sydney to the Gold Coast costs about 12,000 dollars, dependent on the plane. One long-haul plane from Melbourne to Hawaii with one of their first-class airplanes can cost around US$250,000. When chartering privately, clients are charged a fee for the whole charter and not per capita.

"Usually the way why you rent a personal plane is because it's comfortable," Mr. Mackey said. Mackey has a specific client who is chartering a plane every Friday during the winter time. There are different types of planes in different levels, according to the type of luxuries you are looking for, namely: Economic, Commercial and First Division.

All classes enjoy the benefits of car park at the terminal, lounging areas, the possibility of boarding directly from the taxiway, and of course you have your own aviator. A caterer and cabin crew can be hired on request for extra luxuries. Navair general Manager and aviator Rick Pegus said he often flies aircraft for wealthy private persons who like their private sphere.

"We usually have a minimal fee; we fly at least 1.5 hrs a day," says Pegus. From Sydney to Melbourne, a Navair -returned plane brings you back about $9000 on a smaller plane, while bigger airplanes can cost up to $7000 per hour. What's more, a Navair-returned plane can cost up to $7000 per person.

Pegus, who has been a 22-year old rider, says that he and his crew have traveled clients to Honolulu, China, Fiji and Bora Bora. Whilst not cutting the snacks himself, Pegus makes sure that the food is refreshed and comes 90 min before the start to inspect the wheather, explore the arriving airfield and make sure everything is ready for the air.

As there are different aircraft and different choices, the reservation procedure is only slightly more complicated than ordering a Uber. It' s a five-minute talk and then you can choose to take out your bank account and do it on the phone," says Pegus.

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