Srilankan Airlines Office Colombo

Sri Lankan Airlines Colombo Office

Srilankan Airlines offices around the world, Colombo India Switzerland UAE UK USA flag career of Sri Lanka former Air Lanka, travel with any airline. Doha-Colombo Airlines raises SriLankan Airlines flight schedule SILLANANKAN Airlines has previously notified that it has enhanced? enhanced? to increase its capacities between Doha and Colombo by expanding its offer to 11 weekly departures. This improvement means that there are now two departures per diem on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays that differ from their previous everyday departures, the carrier said in a declaration.

There will be new services from Doha on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 4.35 pm and from Colombo at 11.50 pm. Thursday the plane leaves Doha at 4.30 pm and lands in Colombo at 11.45 pm. Current services will start at 22.50 in Doha and end the following morning at 6.05 in Colombo. Emphasizing that the increased ? capacities following an rise in customer demands, both from Kataris traveling abroad and from immigrant workers market?.

From its Colombo hubs, the carrier runs a routes to 103 towns and villages. The Oneworld members also connect over 1,000 towns in 160 states. Sri Lanka has recently been honored with a number of prestigious awards. This includes a four-star ratings of the Association in the first ever comprehensive program exclusively on the basis of passengers' responses.

The SriLankan Airlines office is now in Gampaha.

Leading news from Sri Lanka:: January 29th, Gampaha: Under the auspices of the Chief Executive Officer of SriLankan Airlines Kapila Chandrasena, SriLankan Airlines opened its newest passengers office in Gampaha to strengthen its footprint in all parts of the state. Gampaha settlement will make it easier for a large number of customers to complete travelling procedures in the Gampaha area.

These include the processing of bookings, ticket processing, prepaid ticket advices (PTAs), inquiries for specific service, information on tariffs, timetables and parcels - basically with the same selling activities performed by each municipal office of the carrier. The SriLankan Airlines employees welcome the visitors to the new office in Gampaha.

Sri Lanka has named LandoTravels ( Pvt ) Limited, a premier IATA certified Sri Lanka based travelling agency offering customer services such as air tickets and bookings, travelling insurances, outdoor holiday, in-bound tours and global hotels bookings. "One of the goals we have set for expanding our operations to all parts of the nation is to provide a straightforward and convenient customer experience in their own town.

Opening the Gampaha office would make it easier for us to better service our clients when they no longer need to come to Colombo to meet their travelling needs, even this office, which we have opened four throughout the country," said SriLankan Airlines Chairman Nishantha Wickramasinghe.

Kapila Chandrasena, Chief Executive Officer of SriLankan Airlines, said: "SriLankan's goal is to make the SriLankan franchise and SriLankan products readily available in every part of our nation in order to offer an enhanced level of customer experience as part of our comprehensive expansion policy. Opening the Gampaha office is another succesful move into an administration city in Sri Lanka that makes travelling in Sri Lanka simpler and more comfortable." The event was a large event involving the top SriLankan Airlines executives, civil servants and affiliates as well as SriLankan clients.

Gampaha PSA Office is staffed by experienced personnel and is situated at Colombo Road, No. 302, Gampaha.

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