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Inexpensive 1-way flights

11 November - 17 November - 6 days. From Vegas and Boston-Baltimore/Washington, prices start at $49 per leg. Would it be better to book round-trip flights or 1-way award flights?

Would it be more advantageous to make 1-way bookings than round trips? Remember that with some carriers, you can make the outward and roundtrip parts of a reward ticket on the same booking or as 1-way ticket separately. Suppose you want to take an airfare from Washington, DC to Tokyo with your United Airline mileage.

Below are some of the pros and cons of reserving his travel as a sightseeing reward flight: Up to US$75 to US$200 (unless you have United Airlines Premier status) will be charged by United Airlines to make changes or cancellation of awards. As a return ticket is a reserve, you only have to make 1 payment.

Grab a free one-way flight: With United, you can have one stop and 2 open baking points on round-trip travel that you can use for strategic reasons to purchase a free round-trip travel that you can use for a second day. Just charge 1 reservation fee: If you need assistance making a reservation by telephone, United Airlines will charge $25 (unless you are 1k).

This charge is only payable once when you make a round-trip booking. Trent offers only the routes operated by United and its partners with a single round fare ticketing service. Trent, for example, finds a Tokyo plane that works for his timetable, but the returns option has all 3 stations.

When booking a round trip, they cannot make the outbound United Airlines booking and then use their American Airlines mileage to make the round journey more comfortable. Changes or cancellations can void the whole trip: If Trent, for example, has to vary the date of its departing flights according to the carrier, it may have to make a rebooking for its whole itinerary.

However, if Trent cannot find the data and time he is looking for, he can try to get two 1-way bonuses instead. Please note: Some carriers, such as Delta and US Airways, do NOT allow 1-way reward bookings. These are the advantages and disadvantages of reserving 1-way bonuses separately: Reserve each flight with a different airline:

However, if he finds a great outbound United Airlines trip, but the returns are not desired, he could take the returns trip with another carrier (e.g. American Airlines), giving him more time. Post your first segments immediately: The United Airlines flights can be booked by ~1 year in advanced.

Immediate reservation can give him more possibilities. However, if he booked a roundtrip, he would have to delay until the reservation began on his roundtrip in order to make his whole itinerary. He could lose the seat for the outgoing part of thejourney. Post different class of service:

In order to conserve a few mileage, Trent could travel first class to Tokyo and back on the bus if he booked each flight individually. When Trent has to make changes or cancell his journey to Tokyo, he has to cover the cost of the round-trip fare! If Trent has to cancelling his trip, for example, he has to buy the round trips seperately.

Return and one-way flights have their own pros and cons. Return flights give you the opportunity to make a free 1-way reservation with some carriers and can help you avoid many charges if you need to modify or reverse your itinerary. As a rule, however, I choose to reserve 1-way bonuses as they provide more choices and greater versatility.

However, I wouldn't take 1-way bonuses if your itineraries were likely to vary as this could cost you a lot of money! Thank you for your questions, Trent!

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