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Experience New York City at its best with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Verrazano Bridge, Manhattan Skyline, Central Park, Midtown and Uptown Manhattan, George Washington Bridge, Yankee Stadium and New Jersey Palisades. Explore a wider view of the New York City skyline by taking the ultimate helicopter flight. Booking today for a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. In this article you will find an overview of the different helicopter tours in New York City, including reviews and tips for the best rides and for discounts.

New York City helicopter ride - 20 min.

Explore a wider perspective of the New York City cityscape by taking the final helicopter ride. Explore a wider perspective of the New York City cityscape by taking the final helicopter ride. Depart perpendicularly from downtown Manhattan's helipad for this 20-minute helicopter scenery through New York City.

Once you have started, you will go directly to the sights that have made New York one of the world's largest travel destinations. You will see all the places of the 15-minute trip and more, including: Helicopter flights over New York are the best, fastest and most exciting way to see the New York metropolis from a bird's perspective.

Superior daytime servicing, very smooth, faster than planned, impressive helicopter standards, pilots enjoyable and educational.

The Best Helicopter Trip in New YorkC for Sky Scrapers and Attractions

No wonder that in a town that never slept, the best helicopter flights took place in the darkness. Drive down to the South Street Seaport and board a luxurious helicopter for a scenic stroll of a tens of attractions and attractions, such as Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.

A 45-minute boat ride along New York Harbour, including a champagne sandwich in front of Lady Liberty, will end the evening in stylish fashion. Ideal for those who are new to New York for the first glimpse, this affordable white stop trip is great. From downtown Manhattan Heliport, every day services take you via the Empire State, Woolworth, Chrysler, Met Life and World Financial building to George Washington Bridg.

Earphones are provided so you can listen to comments from your pilots while enjoying the stunning, instagram-perfect view. This 20-minute trip includes all five counties and parts of New Jersey for an extensive New York City itinerary. Coming from Hudson River, you' ll cross Manhattan's Financial District before heading over Governors Island and the Verrazano Bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn.

The 25-minute ultimative sightseeing cruise gives travellers the opportunity to enjoy stunning vistas of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Journey begins with an excursion through the beloved inner cities such as the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero, before heading past all of the city's key footbridges - Queensboro, Brooklyn and Williamsburg - to the Bronx to enjoy a stunning top to top stunning Yankee Stadium.

Coney Island, the New Jersey Palisades, Grant's Tomb - you can see everything on this extensive helicopter outing. Continue your journey with the legendary Lower Manhattan landmarks: Freedom Tower, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. Next, the plane rises to the very top of the district and offers an unbelievable view of Columbia University, Harlem and Yankee Stadium.

On the way back we cross the Verrazano Bridge to the southern side with a view of Staten Island and even the Luna Park Rollercoasters. No matter if you really want to unpack or just keep the moment going, you and up to five other people in your group (plus your guide) are the only ones on this 30-minute personal journey.

As you drive, you'll see Empire State, Central Park, the United Nations and the Statue of Liberty from the sky. No matter what you do, don't leave your cam on this one. And, no, your phone probably doesn't live up to these notions. Helicopters travel along the East River to the northeast, cross Central Park and then descend the Hudson River for the final scenic view of the Gotham skin.

On the way there, the pilots point out all the important New York landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as some distant places such as Citi Field in Queens. You' ll be able to murder two flies with one flap by taking a smart helicopter from Manhattan's Pier 6 to one of the nearest large international destinations.

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