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Exactly what is a charter city?

General Law Cities have the power to act local, but their actions must be in accordance with the California Constitution, State Articles of Incorporation, and government policies. Charter a charter that is a charter that describes how a charter edifice is run. Charter cities have the added power to pass legislation on "community affairs" that is different from state law, but still conforms to the U.S. and California constitutions.

Communal issues may cover the shape of the municipality, electoral processes, some issues of development and property use, the procurement procedure for works of general interest and the area of responsibility in relation to taxation and assessment. Only with the consent of the electorate can a town be converted into a charter town. Our region's charter towns are Albany, Emeryville, Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland, Alameda, Piedmont, San Francisco, San Leandro and San Rafael.

What is a charter city for? Ever since, the general legal authorities of towns and villages have lost their powers over them. In addition, the State has continuously added mandate for towns that need community resource in order to take into account the State's concern, strengthen its oversight of community issues and redirect much-needed community revenues for its own use.

California Constitution's Powers of Home Rules provide charter towns with a wide range of instruments for shaping community policies and addressing them. Consumers in each charter town can choose which instruments to place in their toolbox.

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