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Discount airline tickets to Colombo Sri Lanka

Columbo Bandaranaike International (CMB) Sri Lanka. Discount flights to Colombo Bandaranaike Airport. The Colombo Bandaranaike Airport (CMB) is the most important airport gate to Sri Lanka.

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There are two periods of high monsoons preventing travelers from going to Colombo from May to August and from October to December. Generally speaking, the best flight to Colombo is between January and March, when precipitation is at its low and high. Travelers looking for a journey full of festival should consider defying the months of the monsoons and traveling in May to celebrate Buddha's birthday when Colombo is shrouded in lamps, light and other decoration.

Colombo has lower cost airfares outside the main holiday season of January, February and March when other festivities take place. The Duruthu Perahera traditional is held on the pre-fullmonday in January. It is a breathtaking parade that attracts tens of millions of locals and visitors who want to experience the country's rich culture and old tradition through the extraordinary processions of traditional local songs, rhythmical dancing and drums in front of Purlieu Temple.

Roads flow with lively and colorful parades with a performance of dances, drums, traditional folklore, songs and chieftains in typical clothes. The big occasion takes place in the Gangarama Temple in Colombo, where more than a million viewers fly to Colombo every year. Colombo, as in many of the region's vast metropolitan areas, is today a collection of its many opposing parts: historical places of worship against contemporary high-rises, a proliferation of ethnic groups that live side by side, and vast stretches of greenery encircled by the damp of strong transport.

In Sri Lanka's capitol, past and present coexist side by side by the sea. There is much to see, but many tourists decide to begin with the breathtaking Colombo Tempels. Among these, the colorful Gangaramaya Temple is popular with tourists because of its unbelievable Buddhist sculptures and museums.

The past of Colombo is shown in places such as the Colombo National Museum, the Museum of Nature and the Dutch Museum, while modern and Sri Lankan arts welcome to the National Gallery. This is certainly a Colombo Metropole, but there are plenty of possibilities to get away from the city and choose a more naturally secluded place.

Once charged, the visitor can visit the Galle Face Green, a seaside boardwalk that draws many for some of the city's best view of sundown.

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