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The 757 has also been adapted for research and transport rolls by private and state operators. Inside the 757, seating arrangements of up to six per row with a single centre aisle are possible. Hillary Clinton's 737. Such indemnification may affect how and where items appear on this website (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Please be aware that this page does not contain all major payment methods or all available payment methods.

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One look at Donald Trump's $100 million private plane -

When you have it, show it - this is the landmark and one of the wealthiest men in the worlds, Donald trump, certainly enjoys following. This 67-year-old US real estate magnate has one of the most luxury private jet in the whole wide open space, which he already purchased in 2011 from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and gave him a trump-style lookover - which means that he covered it with golden and primetimber.

On a recent whistle-stop trip through his UK resort early this weekend, Mr Trump gave a unique insight into the lush and luxurious interior of his custom-built Boeing 757. The interior is covered in 24 carat golden and features the latest electronics as well as the Trump emblem that can be found on almost any finish.

Guided by his daugther Ivanka Trump, he travelled and played volleyball at his Scottish and Irish resort.

In Trump Force One, le Boeing 757 privé de Donald Trump.

A candidate who is applying for the office of President of the United States in 2016 is already rising like the previous president of the nation by taking Trump Force One. Trump's Boeing 757-2J4ER is called Trump Force One and although it is slightly smaller than Air Force One, it lifts higher on luxury ratios.

Trump Force One is known as Trump's gold-plated aviation home and home station and is propelled by Rolls-Royce RB211-535E thrusters to travel 16 hrs and can cover more than 500 mph. Faithful to the personalities of its owners, the Trump airplane also shouts with artistic decoration and iridescent detail. Although there is more to this airplane than what catches the eye, the airplane is a clear expansion of the Trump-mark.

Luxury functions occupy the room, which includes a wood-clad pantry, a premium sleeping area with oversized, brightly lit, comfortable seating, a dinning area, a 57-inch TV head living room, a modern stereo system, Edelman leather-covered lavatory chairs and a large single berth guesthouse.

Equipped with a queen-size berth for Mr Trump, the main room is clad in golden satin on the wall, along with an opulent 24-carat gold-plated bathroom en suite and a wash basin in the main bathroom. Trump's coat of arms can also be seen throughout the aircraft. Trump purchased the aircraft, which had flown with a Mexican merchant carrier in the 90s, from Microsoft tycoon Paul Allen for an estimate of $100 million.

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