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The UFO flying saucer game isn't as easy as it looks! It is the goal of the game to successfully steer your flying saucer through a tunnel without falling. Never before has there been a spaceship galaxy game in the galaxy wars in which a flying saucer had the mission to save the planets from the space game enemy spaceships.

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The Flying Saucers is an abstracted strategic puzzle that resembles a four-player variation. Your aim is to catch hostile coasters and be the last person to stay on the platter. Playing together, each team controls 12 disks representing flying Saucers that can move forward either along a line or diagonally.

As soon as a stone has reached the other end of the table, it becomes a "super saucer" that can move in all directions. Hostile Saucers are taken prisoner by being sprung. There are several variations of the basic rule that can be used. The Flying Saucers is an exhilarating new outer game where each gamer orders their own personal relay of flying saucers. Flying saucers are a new type of outer games.

It' s built on the odd flying saucers a lot of folks say they have seen roaming the sky. While playing Flying saucers you can easily fancy that you are on a journey through outer spaces to a faraway planet - every lighting year challenging you on the way of seasons of hostile flying saucers swarming around you, trying to catch you before you can catch them.

Saucer for Windows (1998)

You' re Boon, a U.S. Army soldier who is living with Emily in a home somewhere in the United States. when he was on a defense outreach. On the run from the armed services you are in a giant hangar with a flying saucer in the middle.

Gameplay begins when you step on the UFO and take off. There are 22 earthly and extraterrestrial quests in the gameplay, in which you have to battle the army and an extraterrestrial species named "Cyners". It'?s your business to stop them. No ratings available for this match. Currently there are no themes for this ingame.

No quiz files exist for this match.

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