I Cab


A taxi service currently operated at Viewpark, Uddingston, Bellshill, Motherwell, Wishaw. Login Such information may contain your Internet Protocol (IP) address, web browsers used, domainname, visit time, and referrer website URL. You cannot use them to run a program or transmit a virus to your computer. You are clearly identified by means of unique identifiers and can only be accessed by a webserver in the domain that sent you the relevant cookie.

It is one of the main uses of a cookie to offer a comfort function that saves you valuable information. They have the possibility to reject or reject cookie. While most web-browsers automatically accept a cookie, you can usually change your web browsing preferences to refuse a cookie if you choose. Our products are PCI compliant and have fulfilled the PCI Data Security Standard requirements.

The account information is encrypted with a username and passwort for your safety and protection of your personal information. It' important that you don't allow unauthorised use of your computer or your passwords. We host our information and applications through secure and privately held enterprise cloud services at a premier Canada applications vendor and datacenter in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Unauthorised operation of the datacenter is prevented by the use of entry badges or bio-metric scans, 24/7/365 on-site staff, double locking doors and rear slide safe fan base. VPS has numerous safety devices that control the VPS, its network, account, operating system and server health.

Protocol logs are used by the administrator staff to administer traffic stats and to trace and examine attempted unauthorised use. Analytics uses Google Analytics to help us identify users who have a session that allows us to collect important information about how our visitors use the site. Analytics uses only first-party cookie technology for analyzing your information.

Google states that the information gathered cannot be modified or accessed by third party service providers. You can unsubscribe if you wish by deactivating your cookie in your web browsersettings.

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