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GOWithUs for convenient, affordable and safe airport transportation. There are several ways to get to and from Cancun Airport. First possibility is to take the collection vehicle or the bus.

There are two suggestions for a cheap airport shuttle in Stockholm - Stockholm Forum

A thing I usually look for is cheap airport transfer to the towns I travel to, so I thought I'd pass on my Stockholm experience to those who might want to know! From Arlanda airport I travel a lot, and I have tried two relatively new connections to/from Arlanda airport. Airporthuttle ( www.airportshuttle. se) is a new coach shuttleservice that you can order from/to any Stockholm Citytel.

Just 150 SEK per route, and that surpasses any other service I have tried alone..... You seem to be fighting with bookings, because I was alone on my journey to the airport, but it was great! 150 SEK transfers in a new, air-conditioned vehicle that surpasses everything!

You have a great Google Map on your website to find the next stop if you happened to be in Stockholm! However, if you travel in pairs, I would suggest AirportCab (www.airportcab. se), which is the best value airport taxi option for only SEK 350! This is about 100 SEK less expensive than any other taxi company and really good if you have more than one passenger on the road!

From Arlanda, take the coach to the Märsta regional railway stop for the best price. It' gonna take a while, though. The Arlanda Express can carry 240 passengers for two in the summers, and the express trains run to the centre of Stockholm in just 18mins. The airport busses cost 100 kr and take about 40 min.

Coming to Stockholm around Friday evening (around midnight), I just found your comments useful. I' m going to go run the airport taxi now... Cross your thumbs and thank you again. Many times I go to Stockholm and always make a reservation for a Marhbe Travel group. But the big benefit is that the rider is right after duty and you don't have to bargain with the less serious riders at the airport!

By the way, I like Stockholm, really nice folks, good designer clothing and a beautiful cultural scene (dance, theater, opera...)! Hello everyone, Is there a new affiliate since this posting was last up-dated? Is this service still available? Rates have risen slightly - the lowest taxi fares with Airport Cab (www.airportcab. se) or Airport Taxi Transfers (www.transfer. se) now cost SEK 395-430 on pre-booking (could be made while you are waiting for your luggage).

Taxis, if not booked in advance, should not exceed 500 SEK, go with one of the bigger companies: Stockholm Taxi, Taxi Kurir, Taxi 020 or Transfer Taxi, some of the smaller ones are unfortunately rip-off for tourist - arrange a fare beforehand and deny the ride if more than 500 SEK.

Busses are available to all arriving planes, so that shouldn't be a hassle. In order to get to Brommaplan, you can get off the tram at the stop "St. Eriksplan" a few moments before the main railway stop and take the subway to the stop "green". Speaking for myself, I like the Arlanda Express instead of the 120 SEK instead of the 120 SEK if you are under 26 or full-time students and 240 SEK for others, it lasts 20 instead of 40 min and is more convenient (but twice as expensive).

I' m traveling on a pretty small budget..... I' m not.

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