Aircraft Rental

airplane rental

Cessna and Cirrus aircraft rentals offer our customers the perfect integration of state-of-the-art avionics with long-term safety, reliability and comfort. Easily find, book, fly and pay for planes right here on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Aircraft rentals range from glass cockpit Cessna Skyhawks and Skylanes to cutlasses and Aztecs. Aircraft rental - AeroCamp - Cessna - Cirrus - Diamondstar - Piper - Flight simulators - Pilot Shop.

Locate planes near you.

Easily find, reserve, travel and purchase airplanes right here on your desk, tray or smart phone. Jump over the cash register. Hire the same make and build aircraft you own at home from major U.S. airfields. We can also help you safe your tenant's life by insuring them.

Every year you will show that you have what it takes to be a safe aviator. Finish our Universal Pilots Checkout and hire from the best.

airplane rental

Aircraft rentals range from Glascockpit Cessna Skyhawks and Skylanes to Cutlasses and Aztecs. Special cash register needs differ according to certifications and experiences. Airplanes are available for comfortable afternoons or even weekends. Please call today to arrange a cash register in one of the aircraft listed below.

Aircraft rental (except 172 LITE) is every Sunday all days 10% cheaper.

WILAMETETTE Aviation | Aircraft rental

What do you need to hire a jet for? While you may be an accomplished aviator, how many don't own an aircraft - and indeed, most certificated aviators aren't aircraft operators. Maybe you would like to gain extra credit rating, such as Instrument, Commercial or Multi-Engine. When you are a beginner (as we all were at one time), chances are good that you will be hiring for the length of your education and beyond.

They want a dependable, secure aircraft - and at a sensible cost. The majority of aviators will want to pilot the Piper Apache to get a multi-engine ratings, while others will just have fun gathering valuable air travel in a large, sturdy aircraft. There are also two generators and vaccum pump, a further enhancement over previous aircraft, while our multi-engine exercise programme is aimed at increasing the security incorporated into the aircraft's various up-grades.

Experienced drivers love the slim Cessna 177 Cardinal II RG with its curved back and self-supporting wing. Perfect for certificated drivers who need high performance and complex endorsements, and our main coach for drivers looking for a commercial certificate. Cessna 172 is the most beloved General Aviation aircraft in aviation memory, and for good reasons - with room for four people, it is a great aircraft for flying with your loved ones, your relatives or just your favourite club.

It is also an excellent aircraft for those looking for an instrument evaluation, while beginners who want a bigger aircraft often practice in the trustworthy "Hawk". Sling LSA is a two-seater aircraft developed to comply with and surpass FAA conformity requirements for light sports aircraft. It is also a simple, low profile aircraft that is ideally suited for VFR cruises and VFRs.

Insert a three-bladed prop, sophisticated electronics and stick-and-rudder controls, and the slot could become your favourite aircraft before your first lesson is recorded in your log book. Diamond Eclipse always turns its head when standing on the platform, thanks to its assembled cell, its low airfoil and the sleek 180-degree cabin that provides unimpeded visibility.

Actually, the dashboard looks more like a contemporary sports car than the classic Cessna or Piper, but don't be deceived - the Eclipse is a trainer that' perfectly suited for VFR flights. The Eclipse combines glider, taildragger and contemporary tri-gear aircraft components and has wide wing, T-tail and stick-and-rudder layouts, and the 125 hp Continental takes off just seconds after it rotates.

When you have flown Cessnas or Pipers, login to the Eclipse and anticipate that you will again fell in love again. Are you a low wing enthusiast, we have the right birds for you - the Piper Cherokee, the aircraft that sets the standards for all classical Pipers.

Over the years, few General Aviation aircraft have acquired as much allegiance as the legendary Cherokee, which is suited for the education of private pilots and a life-long after that. For those who choose to rent a newer aircraft, there is no need to look any further than the 2003 Alarus CH-2000. Of the most appealing and diverse new General Aviation aircraft on the market, the Alarus specification is as stunning as its tilt door and low airfoil - the broad cab houses two 116 hp Lycoming cabins onboard to power an airframe/engine that weights less than 1,100 pounds and achieves an ascent of 750 fpm and 99 knots when cruise.

It is also a Garmin 430 Garmin 430 compliant instrument rating and ISO certification, making it an excellent coach for the Private Certificate and Instrument Rating. From 1958 to 1975, Cessna constructed tens of thousand of its 150' aircraft and made them (and their follower, the 152) one of the most popular general aviation aircraft trainers.

Of course, it's a bit comfortable in the dashboard, but the vast majority ofthe flight trainees deserve their private pilot certificates on this rig known for its reactive response and exceptional rigidity. Cessna 150 is the cheapest beginner option and a rugged instructor to keep in mind throughout your flight history.

A certified instructor is available for US$58 per lesson for both flying and surface training.

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